Saturday, May 4, 2013

Golden Week Weekend

While many people in Japan travel during Golden Week, some of us just sort of hang out in our own locality. So, what does one do for the weekend? A lot of us went for a walk and enjoyed the nice sunny Spring day.

Maybe it's a little too sunny for some people.

Welcome to the outdoor beer fest at Aka Renga Soko.

Where there's drinking we need a little law and order.

It's always enjoyable down at the water front.

People can relax and watch the boats go by.

Others enjoy painting the seaside scene.
Or, just reading a book.

Spending time with the family is always good.

So is blowing bubbles.

Yamashita park is full of people enjoying the outdoors.

And, a little J-Pop festival.

Culture, culture, culture... this statue marks the spot of the house of an English silk merchant. What a way to be remembered!

We were lucky enough to stumble upon a performance by a high school guitar band.

The lavender is starting to bloom.

Hey! it's Abby Road! Where are the Beatles?

This is the Kanagawa Prefecture Government Building that is nicknamed "The King". Today it was open to the public so Emi and I went in to see what we could see.

Wow, we can see a lot from the roof top.

This is the Governors office complete with a cardboard cutout of the Governor.

We crossed over to the attached annex and went to the roof top garden - another fantastic view.

Another thing to do is go to the flea market at Odori Koen.

We decide to go to Yokohama Bashi and take a short cut through the subway station.

Yokohama Bashi is always fun to visit. Tasty tempura for sale.

A cozy little ramen shop.

After walking for hours it's time for a quick drink to get our energy level up for the train ride home. So, we stop by Warai for a cool refreshing chu-hi!

All good days must come to an end and so we head home via the Kekyu train line.

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  1. Dear Mike, I would like to congratulate you for this outstanding blog. Your photos are trully fantastic and well taken. I feel I have taken a little trip to Japan by looking at them. Greetings from Brazil, Flavio

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    2. Hello Flavio! Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice comment; I sincerely appreciate it.