Friday, October 27, 2017

October's Mixed Bag

A lot of rain this month. There were far more rainy days than not rainy days; notice I didn't say sunny days. So, I got out when I could and did my best to find interesting places and things to take pictures of. Let's go!

A rainy day is not going to stop these joggers from going for a run.

In a month like this an umbrella is one's best friend.

No sunshine, no smile.

A thin streak of blue in a predominately grey sky.

A hot date out on the Osanbashi pier (Yokohama, Japan).

A million little puddles.

A little rain won't deter this rose from shining.

I think that shooting this flower slightly out of focus enhances the image.

For anyone in the Yokohama area, the rose garden in Yamashita park is still going strong. Check it out.

Yes, it's me.

A little fun with a wide angle lens.

Is this sign language for "feed me"?

Taking a single ray of sunshine on the face.

More wide angle fun.

Wow, blue sky!

Yamashita park is always a great place to stretch ones legs.

The big picture of the Hikawamaru.

One of the few nice days this month.

The tour guide.

I'm so glad to be here on this day.

Welcome to the jungle!

Is this Natalie Schafer (Lovey Howell) from Gilligan's Island?

Everyone loves a flower garden.

Making a movie at Zou no hana.

The most important job in Japan - the beer delivery man.

People watching at Nihon Odori avenue.

The Kanagawa Prefecture Government building at Nihon Odori avenue.

Why take a main street when there are so many back alleys available?

Soul searching in Isezakicho.

For the love of color - an autumn leaf.

A lot of nice old buildings in Yokohama. Western influence plays an important part in Yokohama's history.

A sunny day is a thing of beauty.

Shooting one over the bow.

It's so nice today I'm feeling down right giddy!

Last shot of the day: The Osanbashi Pier's (Yokohama International Passenger Terminal) ever vigilant security force.

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Bonus shots!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This day and that day - Two days of fun

That's it, two days of fun walking around without a care in the world.

This day: A walk in Tokyo - more specifically a walk around  Asakusa.
Everyone visits the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa. I think it's mandatory for every citizen of Japan as well as every foreign visitor.

It's more than just a temple visit, it's an experience. The temple is surrounded with shops, restaurants, entertainment... you name it, it's there.

There's something in the air here. People smile and dance with delight!

Well, maybe not everyone is enthralled with a smile on their face, some are transfixed!

Senso-ji temple is a great place to casually mill about.

The incense smoke is good for what ails you.

Big lantern.

I think tourists are great! It's fun to see people discovering Japan.

Hmmm... some tourists are more interesting than others.

Passing by some locals as we explore the back alleys of Asakusa.

What better way is there to enjoy a Sunday in Asakusa than to dress up in traditional kimono.

Uh oh...I smell whisky (this one's for you Ken) and where there's whisky, there's soon to be a party!

Yep, there's a party all right.

Cheers! Good times for everybody! I'll drink to that!

And, here we are. The life of the party A couple of fun lovers.

My new best friend.

After a few drinks and some good food we're back out and about checking out the sights.

Last shot of this day: There is no shortage of rickshaws in Asakusa.

That day: A day in Yokohama!

Where there is a bus stop...

...soon there's a bus!

Some of the best people watching in Yokohama is at Osanbashi pier.

A view of the Yokohama Bay Bridge from the pier.

There's a ship in port today, and it's a big one!

Osanbashi pier is the cool hip place to be. The best part is that it's free. Smile for the camera!

Come one, come all, bring the family too!

The original "Pay for view" system.

The sun's getting a little hot out here.

Time to move on.

This girl shot by me on her bike and I quickly took her picture. Luckily it was in focus and then when I zoomed in on the image I noticed that her earring was a dangling spider and the second pierced earring is a small spider web. (Click on the picture to enlarge for a better view).

We're all having a good day today.

I always appreciate a park bench with a view.

Sharing the shade.

 Yokohama has the best motorcycle gangs.

 Maybe it's time to get a Thai massage.

Last shot of "That day". When one sees a woman barreling toward you on a bicycle built for three, the prudent thing to do is to get the heck out of her way!

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