Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeing Yellow in Yokohama

Last weekend, the color of the leaves in Yokohama were beautiful!

Love is in the air

I'm getting married in the morning

So, get me to the church on time

The Yokohama 2012 Waiters race

Just about to take a spill!

I am beautiful

And, he is talented

The outskirts of China Town

And lastly, a street corner named desire

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Destination - Enzan!

On Thanksgiving Day Emi and I visited a Temple in Enzan, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Fall scenery around the Temple

Strolling around the Temple grounds

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fuji 5 Lakes Area with Family

This past weekend Emi and I were joined by Emi's sister and sister-in-law for an overnight trip to Yamanashi Prefecture. The first day of the trip was dark and rainy so even though we had a lot of fun I didn't take any pictures. The next day was much better so we toured the Mt. Fuji 5 Lake area on our way home and these are some of the pictures I took along the way.

Lake Shoji

From left to right: Mayumi, Yoko and Emi

Then Emi and I switch places

Lake Motosu

Looks like Yoko is having a good time at Shiraito Waterfall

Emi and Mayumi getting a closer look at the falls

A Mom & Pop fruit stand near the falls

Persimmons hung up to dry in the fruit shop

Another view of Mt. Fuji

My awesome Suzuki Jimny ready to take us all home

It was a great trip with wonderful people.

All the best,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Destination, Minato Mirai

Yesterday I got the urge to leave work early and go for a walk-about. So, with camera inhand I headed out; destination Minato Mirai!

After departing Yokohama Station I take to the side streets and start working my way on foot to Minato Mirai.

Getting closer; just have to watch out for these speedy cars. I see Land Mark Tower so I'm heading in the right direction.

This is nice, a splash of Autumn color in the middle of a concrete jungle.  He has orange pants... orange hat too!

This is it! I'm in the heart of Minato Mirai. At least I think I am.

The Sun is starting to go down and the city starts to become a cold and lonely place. I need the comfort of a back alley.

This looks good.

Through the window of an Udon shop.

I need a drink. This place looks nice but not nice enough.

Hmmm, a bowling alley on the 5th floor and I left my ball and shoes at home. Darn!

This place would probably be alright for a drink and a bite to eat, but I'm so close to my favorite place  (Warai) that I'll keep going.

I have arrived!

And, there's Sumo on TV too! This is living!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yokohama, Before the Rain

The forecast was for rain and I went out with my camera anyway.

This charming girl kindly posed for me when I complemented her on her style.

I wish this was a gas lamp instead of electric. This is a gas lamp.

The artist admires his work.

She stopped to gaze upon a herd of Santas roaming the streets of Yokohama.

A back alley in China Town.

I asked the seagulls to pose for me and they consented.


The Birds!

Hey, watch me catch a bucket on my head.

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.

This is when the rain started and I put away my camera for the day.

Hope you enjoyed