Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dragon Boat Race and More!

What a great Saturday. It started out in a typical fashion, me wondering around taking pictures of people and places.

Then I heard this guy plucking some notes and the day just got better and better.

Soon the rest of the band joined in and they started to really grove to some nice jazz tunes.

It wasn't long before a big crowed gathered.

Sax on the street, only in Yokohama.

Fun for the family in front of the Kanagawa History museum.

These girls were going to a wedding.

Some American muscle on display.

I feel pretty.

There was a street festival at Nihon Odori,

Everyone is having a good time!

When I went to Yamashita Park I discovered that today was the day for, guess what?

The pink team talks race strategy

Mr. Hollywood shows up to provide support.

Time to get in the boat.

Safety first!

Hey, don't forget your paddle!

We got our paddles.

The fans are going crazy in anticipation of the start.

Here comes the first two teams.

Well, so much for that. Time to stop and smell the roses.

Or, drink a cold beer.

No, we're going to smell the roses.

And, paint a picture too.

A defective hula hoop.

Still plenty of people at Nihon Odori.

If you ever forget how to have fun just take a walk around the Yokohama waterfront, there's plenty to be found there.

Hey, it's the girl from the museum.

They're in Bashamichi to greet the teams participating in the Nippon Road Rally.

I think I know where Michael Jackson's other glove is.

The last car heads off into the sunset as do I.
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