Friday, May 10, 2013

Kannonzaki Lighthouse

I took Friday off from work to take care of paying the road tax on my car and few other things. I had some time to kill in the morning before City Hall opened so I drove out to Kannonzaki lighthouse to snap a few pics. The lighthouse is a short drive from downtown Yokosuka and during the week the parking lot is often free.

The lighthouse is situated on top of a hill and the surrounding area is a nice park. At the entrance to the park the first thing one sees is this boat landing.

I took the picture from this old dilapidated pier.

There is plenty of rocky waterfront at the park.

In the morning during the work week  it's a great place for quiet walks.

This couple just arrived and are getting ready to do some fishing.

I guess I better post a shot of the lighthouse. There is a trail leading from the waterfront up to the lighthouse. Regrettably I don't have time for that.

Someone who wants to be alone with their thoughts looks out on Tokyo bay.

In the afternoon Emi and I took off for a night at Gora in Hakone. Hakone is about a two hour drive from Yokosuka and is famous for it's natural hot springs. Our plan was to arrive at our Inn in the evening, enjoy soaking in the hot spring and eat a great dinner and then go out in the morning to sight see and take pictures. Well, the first half of the plan worked,however, it rained heavily the next morning and we decided to forgo the sightseeing.  I did take a few pictures out the window of our room before we checked out and returned home.

A man's got to shave if he wants to look good for his wife. Hey, where'd that bottle of single malt whisky come from?

The Inn is surrounded by trees and mountains.

Not all plans work out perfectly, but we had a fun time none the less.

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