Sunday, May 5, 2013

Golden Weekend Part 2 - Sunday!

On Saturday I noticed some posters for an African Festival that included a street performance by African musicians. So, back to Yokohama I went and walked over to Nihon Odori to catch the performance; and I'm glad I did - these guys were great!

The crowd was really getting into the music.

The lead singer gets everyone clapping to the music.

Well, I guess not everyone was into the music.

After the street performance by the Africans, Another performance started up just a block away in front of "The King". Traditional Japanese drum and flute players.

Enter the flute player.

This guy was really beating his drum.

After the drum performance was over I skipped over to Yamashita park to enjoy walking along the seaside.

We are the champions!

Quite a crowd here today.

She's explaining the two rules of a good marriage: (1) The wife is always right. (2) When in doubt, refer to rule number 1.

Hey! The Love Boat is moored at Osan Bashi.


These big fellows were getting a lot of attention.

Crouching Lion, hidden Grandmother.

OK, it's time for a refreshment so I went to a little open air stand bar in Hinodecho.

After tossing down a draft beer it was time to go home and leave my fellow drinkers to their TV show.

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