Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Lights are Low in Kurihama

Well, I found myself wondering around the beach at Kurihama. I like this place, it's very calm, relaxing and friendly.

People do what they need to do.

And, then they wave and say hello!

Young and old, the beach calls and we answer.

I thought I'd found some Mexican jumping beans...

No, they were some school girls having fun.

This construction worker was getting a can of coffee; a very nice guy, he offered to buy me a can too.

Working my way back to the train station.

We all head home, it's what one does.

Well, not everyone heads home; some are born to stay put.

City bus in front of Kurihama station.

Train stations are where we all come together.

And yet, it's in the train where we truly face each other and embrace humanity!

A civilized nation surviving together... strangers respecting each other's right to be free.

We really are living the good life,

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