Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cabin Fever

I was sick last Friday and Saturday and by Sunday I had some serious cabin fever. Since I was feeling much better we went out for a walk-about.

I met a fellow photographer doing what we all do before taking our first picture of the day; get down on our knees and pray to the photo Gods for good images.

It is so much more satisfying to shop in a vegetable shop instead of a large supermarket.

The leader of the pack.

It's my Sunday an I'll enjoy it as I please.

Some days are better than others.

Looks comfortable to me.

Tough girls.

I'm closing in on China Town.

A dapper fellow out enjoying a beautiful day.

We have arrived - Yokohama China Town. And, we are not alone.

What would we do without a cell phone.

When all else fails, read the map.

Emi doing a little shopping on the side.

It appears that not everything in China Town tastes good.

Who needs sightseeing when you have a cell phone.

This is more like it.

Emi stole my camera.

At least the dogs didn't eat it.

OK, I'm back in control.

You're never to old for blowing bubbles.

Or, wearing a blue wig.

This is more my speed.

Good luck learning to ride that thing.

Awesome, this guy has mastered the art of driving in his sleep.

Stylish in Bashamichi.

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. We just happened to walk by as the newlyweds were leaving their reception.

The bride is led into the waiting Rolls Royce.

I think he is a police officer. They look so happy together; I hope it stays that way forever.

At this point it started to a rain lightly so off we went for home.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Destination - Atami!

Sooner or later it was bound to happen. A visit to the seaside resort town of Atami. Situated on the upper east coast of Izu peninsula, this town was once a major attraction hot spring destination for the affluent members of society. These days it is still quite an attraction, but those of us on the lower wrung of the social ladder can afford it too!  While we arrived here in our trusty Suzuki Jimmny,  many arrive via the Atami train station (currently getting a bit of a restoration).

People depart the station in high spirits anticipating a good time.

Shuttle buses from the major hotels line up to pick up customers.

For those that decide to walk to town the route is lined with many shops selling local products.

Tasty fish cake!

Sweet bean dumplings (monju) - yum yum!

Sun dried fish - himono.

Many of the shops are in covered arcades.

There are also antique and pottery shops here and there.

As well as Mom & Pop businesses.

A smaller traditional hotel.

This is a small hot water geyser near the center of town

There are some small picturesque streams running through the town.

The Atami Ginza!

Baby it's cold outside, but the hula show must go on.

This is all fine and dandy, however, when Emi gets hungry it's time to eat.

So, we stopped by a small ramen noodle shop for a late lunch.

Nice place.

After a short wait we were served ramen and gyoza.

Emi preps the dip for the gyoza.

After lunch and some more exploring we finally checked into our hotel. On this trip we opted for a large hotel that featured large hot baths.

Hotel Ohnoya, at your service.

The view from our room, next morning.

A final shot of the Atami water front before we checked out and moved on.
Atami was great fun. We'll probably return for a second overnighter in the future.

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