Sunday, April 28, 2013

Noge Street Festival, Part 2!

So, I went back for more on Sunday and had a blast!

A modern day samurai complete with head mic.

Hey, the cone heads have arrived.

Say what!

The acrobat from yesterday was back today. There was such a big crowd that these kids were sitting on their fathers shoulders to see.

I don't think she likes me taking her picture.

At noon I headed over to Isezakicho shopping street to have some lunch.

It's a good day for shopping.

Stopped for a self portrait as I was heading over to the Yokohama stadium. I wanted to check out the status of the tulips.

They're still hanging in, although many petals are starting to fall off.

It's a good day for old friends to get together for a little chit-chat.

These tulips are still looking good.

Hey, no trespassing!

That means you too!

Young lovers enjoying the day

Man, there are a lot of people out enjoying the day.

Back at the Noge Street Fest and just in time to see the dancers again.

Line up and flaunt your stuff.

The dancers are very popular.

The big finish!
My last shot of the festival as I head home. I'm glad they do this every year, it's such great fun.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your site.Great pictures .Love how you captured & reflect the everyday life. I am due to visit Yokohama in April. How & what to enjoy ,do ,eat & shop in the beautiful city ? Many thanks for sharing !