Friday, October 26, 2018

Return to Jogashima Island 2018 - Part 2

I finally made it back! All I needed was a nice sunny day during the work week and last Thursday was perfect. I left home after breakfast and a few house cleaning chores and made it to the island by around 11:00 am. I would have arrived sooner but I just missed a bus from Misakiguchi train station to Jogashima and had to wait about 30 minutes for the next one.

The sun shines brightly on this corner restaurant near the Jogashima bus stop.

The ocean water is so clear, the rock formations are so jagged, I love it!

This is a public restroom. There are several public restrooms on the island and they're all nice and clean.

As I started to climb the steps at the start of the hiking trail easy going nature walk I looked back at the beautiful WC. As a man that likes to stay well hydrated the availability and cleanliness of public restrooms is important. Jogashima island gets a 5-star WC rating in my book. More on this later.

What a difference a sunny day makes.

Well, well, well, a group of ladies are walking toward me.

A nice group. I was sitting on this bench drinking some water when they stopped and sat down too. They're a bit older than me and I'm 63; they were in high spirits and seemed to be enjoying the day us much as I was. They stayed, I moved on.

A beautiful view.

Decisions - I took the path of least resistances.
I'm reminded of the poem "The Rode Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

The last time I was here I decided that the next time I was here I would go down to the black sand beach; I tried and had to abandon that idea. The trail down was very steep and overgrown like a thick jungle. Maybe next time I'll be better prepared for the challenge - never give up!

More on the 5-Star restrooms. This is another WC, let's go in and check it out.

A bank of stainless steel urinals - I can here the viewers oohing and ahhing already.

Uh-oh! It's the dreaded squatting toilet. Every foreign visitors worse fear.

No need to worry, there's also a western style toilet. Lots of toilet paper too!

That WC was at the entrance to the Jogashima Park. Today despite the fact that it's during the work week there are a lot of visitors. Many were eating lunch.

More scenic vistas from up here.

Yep, another public restroom. Vending machines for drinks too!

Time to get up close to the waterfront.

There are small fishing boats  in the near distance.

Walking around is relatively easy if one is wearing decent walking shoes. This is no place for flip-flops or high heels.

In the distance is the light house.

There are several people walking around the lighthouse. Technically this is not a lighthouse, it's more like a tower with a light on it, but it is an aid to navigation to help ships avoid going aground. There is a real lighthouse on the other end of the island not far from the bus stop.

A beachcomber.

It's very peaceful out here on the cape. I see the beachcomber is still combing the beach (right side of the picture).

After climbing back up the hillside to the picnic park it was time for a coffee break.

Walking back to the other side of the island I pause to enjoy the weeds.

The golden hues of autumn.

A last look at the coast before turning toward the tourist town.

Stylish visitors and younger than the last group of women I encountered. They didn't notice me at all as I passed by.

Time for a late lunch while I wait for the bus. I had a bowl of ramen too.

People are queuing up for the bus.

And, here it comes.

The newcomers getting off before we get on.

Back on the mainland I took this picture of the Jogashima bride through the window of the bus.

Another shot taken from my seat on the bus as we stopped at a bus stop to let these girls get on.

Back at the train station and I'm boarded my train coach to go home. Lucky me, I've got the whole coach to myself; that won't last long.

I'll ride home in style right here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!