Friday, September 28, 2018

The Real People of Yokohama

I wanted to go back to Jogashima Island this week to get the photos for my part two story but the weather was bad so I couldn't go. It's been raining everyday this week and we have a typhoon coming... however, the sun came out today and I seized the moment. I grabbed my camera bag, Sony A7II camera and my new Voigtlander 50mm f1.2 Nokton VM lens and went to Yokohama to bring you "The Real People of Yokohama".  I just walked around taking pictures of everyday people enjoying themselves. So, I hope you enjoy yourself while scrolling through these images.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Return to Jogashima Island 2018 - Part 1

Jogashima island is a summer recreation site, that's why I never go there in the summer; too many people. Now that summer is over I felt that the time was right for me to visit again. Regrettably the day was overcast, no blue sky, no sight of Mt. Fuji, but I did have much of the island to myself.

I arrived on the island via public transportation - the bus. After getting off the bus the first thing I saw were these banners fluttering in the breeze. They're advertisements for a restaurant and since it was already past lunch time and I was hungry it only made sense to eat at the restaurant.

It's off season and a work day too! I was the only customer. I had a bowl of ramen. It was good. Time to explore the island.

Some other visitors were sitting on a bench and enjoying the view of the rocky coast.

Some girls watching the surf roll in.

Then they watch it roll out again.

A couple of fishermen enjoying themselves.

I wish the sky was blue. Oh well, that's life.

A piece of drift wood blends in with the rock formation it was washed up on.

It's quite peaceful here.

Looking out at the horizon.

Still looking out as I walk up the trail that crosses the top of the island and will take me to the other side.

The trail is well marked.

And, it's an easy walk.

Last time I visited the island there were no guard rails here.

The view from the ocean side of the island.

The trail twists and turns as I work my way to the other end of the island.

Ah ha! A scenic view point.

And, this is the scenic view. The next time I come to the island for part 2 of "Return to Jogashima" I'm going to climb down the hillside and visit the black sand beach down there.

No matter what the weather conditions it's views like this that make the trip worthwhile.

I have arrived at the other side. This is where Jogashima park is located. I see they've just finished mowing the grass.

More scenic view points.

There are also several trails that lead down to the waters edge.

Nothing beats a good park bench. Time for a break.

As nice as this picnic table and benches look there is a warning - if one comes here and puts food on the table one will likely be attacked by Seahawks (birds not football players), they will brazenly swoop down out of the sky and snatch that food off the table with their very sharp claws. They will even snatch food right out of ones hand and they can't tell the difference between a hotdog and a finger.

Moving on - I followed one of the trails down to the rocky coast.

I'm the only one here.

This is pretty cool.

Off in the distance I can see the Boso peninsula.

Between the island and the peninsula is the shipping lane that leads to Yokohama and Tokyo.

Back to the park. Workers are raking up the freshly mowed grass.

In the past I've seen children flying kites here.

Near the public restrooms (that are very clean) there are some bronze cormorants. The island is a sanctuary for cormorants.

After returning to the bus stop back by the restaurant I found I had a 30 minute wait to catch the bus so I goofed around. This is a view of the channel that separates the island from the mainland.

Just to the right of center is a sport diver trying to get out of her wet suit.

The bus stop.

And, here's the bus! I gotta go but I'll be back to explore the black sand beach and more.

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Bonus shots!