Sunday, February 28, 2016

Miura Kaigan Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

It happens in early spring every year; and, every year I go. It's the Kuwazu-zakura cherry blossom trees planted along the train tracks in Miura Kaigan. This type of cherry tree blooms about a month ahead of the other types of cherry trees. It's amazing to see!

After getting off the train at the Miura Kaigan station one is immediately immersed in blossoms.

Right outside the station entrance there are several trees and they just suck you in with their beauty.

And, this is only the beginning of the viewing experience.

But, first thing is first, and that includes being entertained by local ladies performing a folk dance.

After the dance was over I made the 15 minute walk along the train tracks to where the tree line begins.

 The mustard greens yellow blossoms add a nice contrast to the beautiful pink cherry blossoms.

This may technically be spring, but it is cold out here. The blossoms attract a lot of visitors.

This is like being in love.

The blue train zips by in the background.

A trip down the embankment and under the train tracks will take us out to a quaint tree lined pond.

If the sun would come out and shine this would be a great place for a picnic lunch.

Even though it's a bit damp and cold out here, it doesn't distract from the enjoyment one gets from viewing this spectacular display of mother nature at her best.

I noticed a couple on the opposite side of the pond enjoying a picnic lunch together. There are rice fields here and I suspect that the pond's true purpose is as a reservoir for irrigating the rice fields.

The marshland around the pond is also attractive; in a marshlandish sort of way.

 The view from this train track overpass is quite popular with photographers.

Walking back toward the station I see that people continue working their way to and from the pond.

These images were all taken on a Tuesday. If I had visited here on the previous Sunday the crowds would have been nearly impossible to deal with.

I'm nearly back at the beginning of the 400 meter long tree line.

One last look back before returning to the station.

In front of the station merchants are selling yakitori, sweets, local produce and of course... drinks!

If one is looking for a place to impress a date, this is it! And, it's a cheap date too! Just train fare and you're there!

Last shot of the day, staring down the empty tracks wait for my train home to arrive.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

A Beautiful Bright Sunny Day

A beautiful day with no plan, no agenda, no direction, no mission... in other words, a typical day out for me. Just walk around, smile and take pictures of whatever strikes my fancy.

A like minded free spirit? Another citizen of the world? Walk on by.

In the early morning I practically have the whole place to myself.

Another free spirit.

A moment of reflection.

The scenery that passes before the eyes of a drifter
An uncomplicated view of life all around

I'm seeing rust in a whole new way. Oxidation art!

Life is all about making choices.

Every picture tells a story; some are happy, some are sad, some are not what they appear to be.

This is a very safety conscious place.

This town is his town.

Outside looking in on a field of dreams.

Cubism art? No, a public restroom.

Where is everyone?

Barking up the tree.

Just the kind of valentine candy one needs to buy to convey a certain kind of message to one's sweetheart.

We and our shadows.

Lanterns! I sure do like lanterns.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Seeing Red at Osanbashi

It was a typical Thursday stroll. Just me plodding along the city streets, following anyone who happened to be in front of me and going in the same direction as I was.

Somebody checking out a restaurant that specializes in Ramen and Curry.

They say that in the promised land there's a pretty girl behind every tree. This must be the place!

There is no shortage of restaurants in Yokohama. The trick is picking a good one.

This gentleman must have gotten a copy of my retirement plan. If one is going to enjoy a good book while sitting on a bench, Bashamichi is as good a place as any to do that.

One of the quiet side streets of Bashamichi.

As I drifted into the Zonohana waterfront area the town crier was making an anouncment -- "It's big, it's red and... it's here!"

She was not kidding! Moored at Osanbashi was the biggest non-passenger ship I had ever seen.

It had a stern-gate lowered and I don't know why.

As I approached closer I could tell a couple of things: (1) it had just arrived (2) it looked brand new.
There was quiet a crowd gathered to look at this huge ship.

The name of the ship is "Drive Green Highway" and it appears to be a vehicle carrier. Very blunt bow; one could use it as a movie screen at a drive-in movie theater.  

Well, time to move on and leave the "Drive Green Highway" in my rear view mirror.

Just around the corner from Osanbashi is the wildly popular Yamashita park.

Bird watching is an addictive past time. 

People watching is addictive too!

I think that the balloon was keeping her from falling on her face.

This was a first for me, this lady brought her pet parrot to the park to enjoy bird watching.


There are truly a lot of happy smiling people here today. One should never underestimate the value of a good park. The moment one finds themself thinking that there's nothing to do,  get up and go to a park! Pack a lunch, fill a thermos with coffee or tea, bring a book (or a camera) and enjoy yourself. Sit on a bench and watch the world go by, or walk up and down the promenade; it's all good!

If one is really into people watching - there's no place better than China town.

There are people everywhere!

Hey! Bird watching too!

There's plenty of steamed dumplings ready to eat at a reasonable price.

As the Sun starts to lower itself toward the horizon lights and lanterns are illuminated.

This must be where the feather weight boxers hangout.

Red lanterns are everywhere!

The back streets of Noge take on an exotic look in the evening.

Cold beer and Yakitori are waiting inside - time to put the camera away and enjoy! It's been a darn good Thursday.

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