Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Fujifilm X100F Camera - Part 2, what more can I do!

It was like I was taking a crash course in how to use the X100F in every possible situation. I wanted to become familiar and proficient with its capabilities, and more to the point pushing the camera to its limits. It would probably more accurate to say pushing the camera's lens to its limits.

For me it's all about people first!

Taking candid pictures of people is the most difficult thing to do.

Getting a candid picture usually means that the people are not standing still.

Well, sometimes they are standing still.

One thing I quickly learnt was that the exposure compensation dial is very handy. The picture above looks a bit washed out. So, I adjusted for one f-stop underexposure and it put a bit of  pazazz in this next shot.

Shooting one f-stop under is really working out well in the rose garden.

One under is a bit to much on this one.

Another day, another challenge. Fortunately the lighting is better today.

I never get used to seeing Japanese women with colored contact lenses.

Wading through the crowded streets of Yokohama's China town.

Look Ma, no hands!

Peekaboo, I see you.

If one looks at the reflection in her sunglasses you can see me!

I got the feeling that this woman was going to punch the guy in the face. Maybe it's a Mother and Son teaching moment.

Happy time!

Happiness is a clean white tee-shirt.

Passing wisdom from one generation to the next... or just having some idol chatter; it's good either way.

I'm going for the beauty in distortion thing. My wife would simply call it out-of-focus garbage.

It looks like all is not well in the rose garden. I especially like the expression on the woman's face in the background.

I have no complaints about this camera so far.

Seems to do pretty good with flowers too!

Red lilies!

Day three: A visit to Kurihama.

The flower park in Kurihama is exploding with poppies!

Such a beautiful day.

Admission to the park is free! So, why not bring a date?

Not all poppies are the same.

This is what jogging in paradise looks like.

Kurihama beach.

It's not exactly the French Riviera but that's okay, I'm not french and we're not in France.

This is more of a fishing port than a beach resort.

The land in the far background is the Bosso peninsula. If one heads out the harbor and turns left they'll be heading for Tokyo. Turn right and one will be heading out to sea.

For people that like to poke around tidal pools this is the place.

Clouds help make the picture.

Last shot: I think that the X100F is a fine camera. When I'm traveling and I need to travel light, this will be my go-to camera.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

Sigma Sd Quattro camera, 10-20mm lens