Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Explosion of Color and Beauty

Spring is in full swing. All week long I have been walking around in complete awe of Mother Nature. Of course I had a camera with me photographing this, the greatest show on earth - and, it didn't cost a cent to enjoy it.

Yokohama Park

One part of Yokohama park is a playground for children. When the cherry trees are in bloom I think the adults out number the kids.

This reminds me of the pink Hostess Sno-balls  from my childhood.

Walking along Nihon-Odori in the heart of Yokohama the flowers are fighting for space.

There's a freshness and beauty to the open air grounds of Yamashita park. Green is beautiful too; just ask Kermit.

Simply lovely. Strolling through Minato-no-Meiru Oka Koen (Harbor View Park) on the bluff overlooking Yokohama city.

Back down on the ground at Zou-no-hana park.

A poppy grows in Zou-no-hana!

A field of beauty with the Yokohama Customs House in the background.

 People write poems to express their feelings - Mother Nature has no need for such words.

An unexpected surprise! The Yokohama Fire Department band is putting on a free concert.

They are really quite good.

This is fun!

 It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing / (Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah) 
--Duke Ellington

Rinko park - another example of green is good.

There is a flower garden in Rinko park, and it's a good one!

When the Sun dances in a salmon pink tulip the world becomes a wondrous place to be.

Yes, a lovely place to be.

Of all the flowers in the world I think tulips are my favorites.

 I've got Ray Stevens' "Everything is Beautiful" playing in my head.

Back to the tulips. It looks like a field of fire.

Everywhere you look there's a new creation more beautiful than the last - this must be what paradise is like.

Okay, for some lucky groom this is what paradise looks like.

It's a great day for a bride's photo shoot in Yamashita park.

When one is in paradise, a tulip is never far away.

Yokohama is the best place on earth - no other place like it 
I overheard a tourist say that and I shook my head in agreement.

Being here is spiritually uplifting.

Looking back on flowers and dreams
Seeing you and you seeing me
I'm filled with laughter, I'm filled with you
We may be getting old but that's not new
So let's be happy - Yes, let's be happy
Let's be happy and know that I love you
--dedicated to my wife

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Signs of Spring and Other Things Too!

No plan this week. Just walked out the door and took pictures of whatever looked colorful, beautiful, or interesting. Since spring is kicking in there were plenty of flowers blooming everywhere.

I usually don't know the name of the flower I'm photographing and that's OK with me. Without a name it's still just as beautiful.

Lanterns are being hung along the Ookagawa river in preparation for the cherry blossom festival near the end of this month.

No temple to small.

Weeds along the river. A remnant of winter.

The red window.

So many varieties of cherry blossoms, so many different blooming times.

Daffodil, no doubt about it!

Maybe daisies.

I don't know this one but it sure is vivid.

A plain day in Yokohama is still worthwhile too me.

Big sky over Yokohama bay.

Girl in the foreground incoming seagull behind her.

Duck! She did and the attack bird flew away.

A typical tourist shot in Yamashita park.

And, typical tourists in Yamashita park.

The window.

More dead wood with a face. At least I see a face.

Do you see the face in this one?

This shot is all about the rich color.

This shot is all about the fact that there wasn't much else to take a shot of.

Back to the early bloomers; long may they bloom!

Tokyo bay.

Those with plenty of free time either take pictures or go fishing.

Blood red bloomers.

They start out red and then turn green.

Miura beach. Lines over the sand.

Beach flowers.

Beach truck.

It's seaweed season.

Orange is a good color.

The seaside pigeon stand.

 Nobi beach

I said orange is a good color.

Last shot of the week. A cottage near the beach.
I hope to do better next week.

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