Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Never Just Another Sunday

It's never just another Sunday around here. Always something going on.

OK, maybe this first shot looks like just another Sunday, but it gets better.

Well, a little better. Behold, the leaning tower of Landmark!

Ahhhh... this is nice. Stain glass dome light inside the Kanagawa Prefecture museum.

Maybe I just need to keep searching... keep moving the feet, one in front of the other.

I could cheat and catch a ride on the cyclopolitain, but that would be cheating and that's a slippery slope that I don't want to go near. Keep walking.

Looks like the old hoosegow is closed for business.

Well now, this looks lively. Ships of all sizes.

Hey! is this the beginnings of a parade?

Unicycles! I told you it's never just another Sunday.

And, horn tooters too!

Maybe there's not 76 trombones in this parade, but I don't care... it's still good fun!

Dang! these kids are good.

Moving on again. Ground control to Major Tom... what's up?

That's it, face your fears...

Unicycles are everywhere.

The littlest unicyclist.

Sometimes I just take pictures of stuff that looks good to me at the moment.

Cheerleaders in Yokohama Koen. I don't question these events, I just enjoy them.

Tall to small.

Everyone enjoys cheerleaders.

She gets an "A" for enthusiasm!

She gets an "A" too! Just because it's my blog and I hand out the "A's"

And, now it's time to stop and smell the flowers.

Smell the bamboo too!

Lastly, in a yard near my house a spider lily. A quite nice one I'd say.

Well, that's all folks! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Odori Koen Pottery Fair

 Last Saturday Emi and I went to a Pottery Fair at Odori Koen (park) in Yokohama. It had rained hard all morning and we were afraid that the Fair may be cancelled. No problem! While some of the tents leaked a little and the sky was still dark with rain clouds the Fair was not to be stopped.

Pottery makers from all over Japan gathered to sell their beautiful products.

This vendor represented a town in Shikoku.

From traditional to colorful, everything was here on display.

After about an hour of looking and making a couple of purchases it was time to move on.

Between the occasional rain and the glaring sun people kept their umbrellas pointed toward the sky.

The river side was void of the usual pigeon feeders and  afternoon dwellers.

Arnold Palmer would be pleased to see his popularity here.

I'm thinking... cocktail party!

Corner view of the New Grand Hotel.

Motomachi has the best crossing guards.

The Motomachi shopping street is a bit out of our price range. But not everyone has the same problem as we do.

We left the life style of the rich and famous and headed toward the Yokohama Stadium

There was some youth orientated event being held at the Stadium that seemed to make wearing a towel mandatory.

Leaving the Stadium in our dust we worked our way past the Bashamichi area and made a bee line for Noge. And, why did we do this?

Thirsty! One for the road at our favorite stand bar and then we headed home. Not a bad Saturday despite the unfavorable weather.

Thanks for stopping by!