Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sakura viewing along the Ookagawa 2015

Yes indeed! It's that time of year again. Let the party begin!

The blossoms are at about 50% toward full bloom. They should reach their peak by this coming weekend.

Venders set up their tents and sell food and drinks.



Chocolate covered bananas

Everyone is having a good time!

There sure are a lot of venders this year.

I enjoy seeing all the people as much as I do viewing blossoms

After walking up and down the river for awhile I decided to poke around Noge and see if anything is happening.

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is. The blossoms are almost red in color.

Nothing happening around here.

I guess everyone's at the river.

A young couple on a date.

Back to the river.

A bit overcast today but nobody seems to mind.

Like I said, I enjoy seeing the people as much as I do the blossoms.

When these trees reach their peak this scene will be amazing.

Typical last shot of the day.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Living for the weekend, part 2

It was the nicest day this year. So of course I went out for a walk.

It started out  like a typical photo walk-about. I'm always looking for something interesting, like this entrance to a restaurant.

Or, this flower garden at Aka-renga-soko.

They used old train track ties to make the boarder of the garden.

It's nice to see so many people out enjoying the day.

Children frolicking.

She was like a ghost in a dream.

And, then she was gone.

Nobody in their right mind would stay indoors on a day like this.

The loaner

Sometimes the older folks like to travel in a pack.

I don't ask why, I just point and shoot my camera.

This was totally unexpected. Conditions have to be just right to get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji on the Yokohama skyline.

And, there it is again!  I think that's Cinderella looking for her glass slipper.

Oosanbashi is a popular place for couples to have wedding pictures taken by professional photographers.

And, by armature photographers like me.

I'm a detail man. Every little thing looks interesting to me; even a lamp outside a restaurant.

Spring is here!

The blossoms are blooming everywhere!

Jeez Louise!

Back to the important things in life, like enjoying lunch under a cherry tree.

Everyone loves cherry blossoms.

And, everyone seems to have an I-phone too!

These remind me of the old Hostess Snowball Cakes.

The tulips are blooming too. Can it get any better than this?


Cool clean water

A reminder that some people have to work on Saturday.

The charm and appeal of the Ookagawa river

The lanterns have been hung along the river in anticipation of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Last shot of a fantastic day. Good dependable transportation.

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