Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Sigma SD1 Merrill Rides Again!

The sensor on my Sigma SD1 Merrill camera was dirty; at least I thought it was dirty, there were spots on my images and the lens was clean. I tried to clean the sensor myself and only made things worst. After waiting for the holidays to come and go I decided to take it to the Sigma service center to see about getting it professionally cleaned. The short story, the service center sent it to the main factory and they cleaned it and shipped it to my house and everything was free! Yes, free! And, they did it all in just a few days. So, of course I took the SD1 out for a spin to see what was what with a clean sensor.

My first stop was at Yamashita park to shoot pictures of flowers in the rose garden. Surprise! This is a bird I passed on the way to the garden.

Enter the rose! But, it isn't in the Yamashita park rose garden.

That flower garden had just been pruned for the season. Not a single flower was left. So, I went to the flower garden at the Harbor view park.

There were still quite a few flowers there.

Flowers are perfect for photography. They're beautiful and don't run away when you take their picture.

Wake up little rose bud.

Time to bloom!

Makes me think of the song "softly, as I leave you".

Lit by the afternoon Sun.

This time of year there are daffodils blooming everywhere.

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
-- Gertrude Stine

The following day I was wandering around the Yokohama waterfront and witnessed the Japanese Coast Guard conducting training on the cruise ship Asuka II.

I don't think words are necessary for this series of pictures.

The training is over and the helicopter flies off into the wild blue yonder.

All the safety boats start bailing out too.

Outside my favorite coffee shop I noticed this guy on a classic Ducati motorcycle; you hear it before you see.

As I returned to the train station this lantern was begging to have it's picture taken.

Next day I headed for the Kurihama flower park (home of Godzilla) to see if there were any flowers still in bloom there.

I found Godzilla still alive and well.

Fortunately for me he likes having his picture taken.

Moving on I found a small patch of  mustard greens in bloom.

Then, strangely I found some tulips in bloom.

I was not expecting to encounter tulips at this time of year.

Maybe because the flower park is high up on a hill top exposed to a lot of sunshine.

A view of the Kurihama ferry port from the flower garden park.

Back down at sea level.

The final few shots. Walking along the Ookagawa river on the way to Yokohama bay.

The Royal Wing cruise ship in the bay.

Last shot: a good place to rest my tired legs before heading home.

Well, the Sigma factory did a great job of cleaning my camera; not a single speck in any of my images.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!