Friday, May 30, 2014

Destination - Manza Onsen!

This is a continuation of the previous post on our 3 day trip to Gunma Prefecture.

After our departure from Kusatsu Onsen we headed for Mt Shirane. It's a long and winding road to the top of the mountain.

As we climb in altitude the scenery changes drastically. This is like the land that time has forgotten. It wouldn't surprise me to see a Pterodactyl dinosaur flying over the ridge.

After we park the car we start our grueling hike to the top to see "Yugama" the water filled volcano crater.Of course this hike can't be to grueling when one gets passed on the trail by a girl wearing high heel shoes.

A view of the parking lot and Yumiike pond.

At last we arrive at Yugama!

Cold, misty, a wind swept barren summit, and here I stand; explorer, photographer, poet, a man simply full of it!

My navigator, I would be lost without her.

From the top of the mountain we can see the road to Manza.

This is our Inn for the night "Manzatei".

This hotel had a fantastic hot bath which I couldn't photograph due to the fact that camera's are not allowed inside.

The next morning we took a walk around the Manza area.

Due to the highly acidic steam emanating from the ground everything deteriorates quickly.

The hotels in Manza are clustered together.

Close to our hotel is a nice little reflecting pond.

After breakfast we checked out and headed for "Ikaho". This town is famous for the 365 stone steps that run through the center of town.

Who would have thought that walking up and down steps would be considered a good time.

At the top of the steps is... a Shinto shrine!

Very peaceful atmosphere.

Also during our travels we stopped at lake Nozori simply because we had never been there and it was on the way.

Nice lake. And, that's it for our trip!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Last weekend Emi and I visited Gunma Prefecture. It was a three day trip and we tried to do as much sightseeing as we could. The first day of the trip we stayed at Kusatsu Onsen town. Kusatsu is recognized as one of Japan's three most famous hot spring resorts.

We started our sightseeing at the Shrine that overlooks the center of town.

I always enjoy looking at the small stone statues that are almost always a part of a Shinto shrine.

Each one has a unique expression on it's face.

Descending down the steps of the shrine...

...the center of town comes into view.

And, it is quite lively here today.

Many people walk around town dressed in their hotel's yukata.

In the center of the center of town is the massive Yubatake hot spring. Gushing up from this source at 4000 liters per minute is highly acidic hot water (sulfur).

The water feeds in to these troughs that are designed to separate some sulfur from the water for other uses.

Emi poses by a famous visitor plaque.

Also, there is a free foot soaking hot bath here too!

The troughs make for a visually fun center of attraction.

After exiting the sulfur collecting troughs the water shoots down to a pool where it then continues on to various hot baths around town.

Yubatake hot spring is really quite a sight to see (and smell). Many people enjoy having their picture taken here.

After spending the afternoon strolling around town enjoying the atmosphere we decided head to our hotel to check in and soak in the hotel's fantastic hot spring bath.

On the way a man is offering free sweet dumplings in the hope that if you like them you'll buy some.

Here, on the outskirts of town is our inn for the night.

There will be more posts to come on our three day trip to Gunma so stay tuned!

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Miura Peninsula - Seaside Paradise

I live on Miura Peninsula. There are many small fishing villages that provide scenic seaside viewing. This post is a sampling of the kind of places that are dotted around the peninsula.

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