Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Great Day

Saturday morning Emi and I decided to go to an antique fair near Matsubara Shotengai. When we got there we realized that it was really just a small flea market and not a very good one. So, we moved on to the shopping street a few blocks away from there.

The Matsubara Shotengai shopping street has a unique atmosphere that makes me feel like I'm in a country other than Japan.

Before noon and these guys are already eating yakitori and drinking beer. Life is good!

The Sun was very bright.

After leaving the shopping street we decided to walk back to Yokohama and visit the Aka Renga Soko site and see what was happening (because there's always something happening there).

Passing over a river while walking along route 16.

Emi in front of the Yokohama Museum of Art.

Fellow walkers heading in the opposite direction.

When we arrived we were pleased to find that there was a Hula dancing show and we were just in time to watch it from start to finish.

They could have been playing "Stop In the Name of Love".

This was terrific fun.

After the show we went to Yamashita Park and about that time the hot Sun and long walk was starting to take a toll on me and I suddenly felt exhausted. So, we did an about face and started heading for Hinodecho train station with the intent of going home. When we go to Yoshidacho I started to hear a live band playing "Stormy Monday". As tired as I was we just had to check this out; and I'm glad we did!

The street had been blocked of and there was a block party in full swing. Local bar and restaurant owners had set up drink and food stands and tables and chairs filled the street. At the far end of the street was a blues band and they sounded fantastic.

Everyone was having a great time eating, drinking and listening to the band. I got my second wind and felt completely rejuvenated! Let's Party!

Well just when one thinks the day couldn't get any better... what the heck???

These girls walked right past me while I was taking pictures of the band. I nearly lost my breath and past out. These girls had attitude, confidence and swagger; so what were they doing here?

Pole dancers! A portable pole was brought in and set up in front of the band for the girls to put on a show. For the record, I've never seen pole dancers before and when I think of the term "Pole Dancing" the image of a sleazy bar filled with dirty old men comes to my mind. Well, after seeing these girls do their thing my mind is changed. This was more of an athletic event; very entertaining in the way that acrobats would entertain.

The band started to play an extended version of "Cross Roads" and the dancers put on one heck of a show.

The guitar player was fascinated.

This girl did a little dance for the boys in the band before she took to the pole.

After all the girls had a chance to perform the band brought "Cross Roads" to an end and then took a well earned break.

With that Emi and I swung by our favorite stand bar for a refreshing round of drinks before heading home for the day. Beer first!

Then chu-hi for the road.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kawasaki Daishi Temple

Emi heard about a Wind Chime Market at the Kawasaki Daishi Temple, so off we went to Kawasaki to check it out. The Wind Chime market is supposed to be an annual event held in July and is said to be quite  popular.

The walk leading to the Temple is lined with colorful vendors selling all sorts of things.

After passing all the vendors we reached the gateway to the temple.

And, this is the temple.

As I approached the Temple entrance I noticed this little girl and I thought she was going to start a hip-hop dance routine or something.

A view from within.

Near the Temple was a small pond. The Turtles were playing King-of-the-hill.

Wind Chimes in the Market.

It proved to be quite crowded.

There were also many vendors set up around the Temple grounds selling food and drinks.


This senior citizen has the right idea, just sit under some shade and drink a beer.

One can't go wrong with yakisoba!

The girl on the left is looking at fresh peaches.

Everyone is enjoying the great atmosphere, it's like a big party.

A member of the Buddhist Temple.


A procession of priests enter the Temple

No Temple would be complete with out a big incense burner.

Time to start working our way back to the train station. Passing back through the gateway.

As we're leaving others are still arriving.

Passing back through the street vendors.

And, here we are at the train station. All-in-all, it was a wonderful day!

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