Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunday and it's Feeling Like Sumer

I had so much fun on Saturday I decided to go out again today. I varied my route this time and went by the Yokohama Museum of Art. In front of the museum is a reflecting pool/fountain and this little guy decided it was a good place to cool off his feet.

Side view of the museum.

One nice thing about this area of Minato Mirai is that in the warm months there is almost always a free concert ; it's an especially good opportunity to see high school and  elementary school bands perform.

These girls were very good.

They did a Disney medley and then went right into a Latin medley.

This little mini mouse of a girl was perfect on trumpet.

Here are the adoring parents and friends enjoying the music in the hot sun.

As I left the concert area I soon heard more music and found students from another school warming up for their turn on the stage.

The leader of the Swing Girls.

Follow the leader.

It was time to move forward toward the Customs House. As I looked back I enjoyed this panoramic view of Minato Mirai.

The tower on the right is the Yokohama Customs House, commonly referred to as "The Queen".

Well, I'm back at Nihon Odori and the festival is still going on for a second day.

I was surprised to see the singer from the park yesterday on stage belting out a tune.

Every now and then a face stands out in a crowd.

I need a drink... the fountain in Yokohama park.

Some serious looking Taxi drivers.

A final shot of some shoppers on Isezaki shopping street and then it's time to call it a day.

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