Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Curry Rice for Lunch - Oh Yeah!

I didn't set out to have curry rice for lunch. When I left the house I decided to go to Yokohama's North Dock area and just walk around and work my way back to the Hinodecho train station.

This part of Yokohama is a bit like going back in time for me. While these train tracks look like they are no longer in use they still are used for cargo trains.

Standing on the bridge that crosses the canal separating the mainland from the U.S. Army facility at North Dock. A fishing boat heads out to sea.

Looking in the other direction. On the left side of the picture are grain silos for NIPPN Flour Mills.

The weeds of winter are everywhere.

A comparison of old and new: To the left is the active bridge to North Dock; on the right is the old train crossing that is no longer in use.

Nearby is this Mitsui-Soko Group warehouse. From what I've heard they store imported coffee beans here. I like the rounded corner of the structure; modern warehouses are just big square boxes, no charm, no class.

Moving on. As I walk over bridges and canals on my way back to the center of Yokohama city I keep crossing the same train tracks.

There was a time when freight was moved on these waterways by barges. Now it's home to a few fishing boats.

The tall buildings off in the distance standing before me like the Emerald city.

I like wondering about here.

It's very peaceful .

Well, well, well... here comes the freight train "Blue Thunder".

Blue Thunder is hauling tank cars full of gasoline.

Now it's safe to cross the tracks. It's about 11:30 am and I'm starting to think about lunch.

As I crossed over another canal near the Yokohama city market I remembered that there is a small restaurant attached to the market that serves truckers, market workers, and anyone else that cares to eat there.

Hidden behind the pallets on this dingy street primarily used by trucks and fork lifts is the restaurant.

This is it!  And, it is not fancy! There are pictures of seafood dishes taped to the windows and they look good but I was in the mood for curry rice. Let's go in.

It's small inside, not sure if the health inspectors know about this place.

A block of frozen maguro (tuna) is thawing out on the counter.

As the cook is preparing my curry rice another customer is chowing down on his lunch.  Not a lot separating the kitchen from the customers but the people who eat here don't care so why should I?

Now for the big surprise... when I asked how much for my curry rice the price was only 400 yen!

A huge bowl of beef (I think it's beef, could be pork) curry on rice and a bowl of miso soup for only 400 yen, that's unbelievable! Since it wasn't to cold outside and I wanted to sit down to enjoy my lunch I opted to eat in a dining room tent in front of the restaurant.

This is excellent! It's cheap and it tastes great. Guys, if you're looking for a place to take a girl on a cheap date and she's not fussy about atmosphere and perhaps cleanliness... this is the place to go!

Another surprise, there are crab legs in the soup.

I was totally satisfied.

Moving on. Looking back toward the Yokohama City Market it was time to check out Rinko Park.

Like all the parks in Yokohama there is a clean public restroom here. I love Yokohama!

Lots of park benches too! Might want to bring a news paper to sit on, the birds have left some droppings for everyone to enjoy.

Rinko park is what separates the city from the sea.

The Bay Bridge off in the distance.

In the summertime they have a fireworks display exhibition here.

It looks like death by fishing to me. The people cast their line in the water and wait... and wait.

The floating restaurant Pier 21 - not a cheap date.

Last shot of the day: Passing through the underground bar district near Sakuragicho train station, I'll be at Hinodecho station in no time and on my way home!

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Bonus shots!