Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Miura Kaigan's Kawazu Sakura Festival 2019!

The Miura Kaigan Kawazu Sakura Festival 2019!

I went there yesterday because the weather report for the next few days was predicting rain. I was not alone. People were pouring out of the Miura Kaigan train station.

It's about a 10 minute walk from the train station to where the cherry blossom trees begin. Friendly volunteers keep people safe at the road crossing.

The cherry blossom trees are a early blooming variety originally from Kawazu on the Izu peninsula; hence the name "Kawazu Sakura". In Izu "Sakura" is spelt with a Z "Zakura". More information on that can be found on the web at sites like:

It's a cold grey day but that doesn't stop people from showing up and taking pictures. Some people take pictures with their smart phones and tablets...

...others use pocket size cameras.

Others are content just to walk along the road and observe the wonder and beauty of the Kawazu Sakura.

The bright yellow flowers of the mustard greens make a nice contrast to the pink cherry blossoms.

The trees run parallel to the Keikyu train line as seen here from the most popular overpass. I had to shoot through the chain link fence because the best spots were already taken.

The best spots were taken by these guys and they don't move.

I stood behind the squatters and held my camera over my head to get this unobstructed shot of this train going toward Kurihama.

Then I shot this obstructed shot of this train bound for Misakiguchi station.

Since it's a single track the trains have to take turns heading in the opposite directions. One need only wait for about 10 minutes to get a shot of a train passing by. This picture was taken from the other (less popular) side of the overpass.

Only a minute's walk from the overpass is a farmer selling the world famous "Miura Daikon". Daikon is a large radish that can be cooked many ways and is very delicious.

A big bin full of the daikon that was just pulled from the ground.

A smaller red color variety.

The festival of Cherry Blossoms continues nearby at the Komatsukaike pond.

A lot of people come here to eat picnic lunches.

I think because of the cold weather today there are fewer people interested in outdoor eating.

One of the hardcore picnickers.

I paused here to enjoy some hot Earl Grey tea that I brought with me in a thermos. I noticed that some of the other visitors were drinking sake and beer. Life is good!

The quickest way to get from the pond back to the main road is through a marsh on this elevated walkway.

Just because one is walking through a marsh there is no reason why one can't be fashionable while doing so.

I've noticed that there aren't very many young people out here today.

Back on the main road it's time to start my walk back to the Miura Kaigan train station.

There are far more people walking in the opposite direction than I'm going.

Many of the people are consistently of a certain age group.

Part of an annual trek that must be accomplished.

The early signs of spring compelling people to get out and enjoy, even if they'd rather stay home.

Press on regardless!

Hey, a young one! She looks out of place.

Another one! It looks like she might be here against her will.

Ahhh, back to the normal order of things.

Almost back at the station and I'm passing by newcomers filled with excitement as they head toward the Kawazu Sakura Cherry trees.

Last shots of the day before I enter the train station and board a train for home. I'm already looking forward to next year. Never know, it might even be sunny 2020.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!
Sony A7II camera, Voigtlander 50mm f3.5 Heliar with LTM lens

Sony A7II, Zeiss Biogon T* 21mm f2.8 ZM lens

Zeiss Biogon T* 28mm f2.8 ZM lens, Sony A7II

50mm ZM f2