Sunday, July 15, 2018

Noktoning around in the Summertime

What is Noktoning? It's when I put my Voigtlander 50mm f1.1 "Nokton" VM lens on my Sony A7II camera and go out walking around taking pictures of people, places and things. I think the Nokton lens can take ordinary everyday life and make it look magical. Last week I was out in the summer heat and humidity with this camera rig and this is what I saw through the Nokton lens.

The man next to me.

An average man with an average plan? 

The delivery man with bigger dreams and not so average plans.

Living under the sun.

The Nokton lens can make a hot day look cool and refreshing.

Walk this way.

And then, walk on by.

The streets of Yokohama's China Town look more Chinese with this lens.

The dreary alleys are transformed into an exotic maze to be explored.

A poor man with holes in his shorts becomes an explorer with an interesting story to tell anyone who will buy him a drink and listen to him.

She said that if I came here for chopsuey I came to the wrong place.

Looking for a friend.

The main street is a bit nicer than the back streets.

They replaced the fire hydrants with ice cream cones.

Follow the grey brick road.

A lady in red, a shot bar, could it get any better?

Maybe not.

Heat exhaustion on the move.

Tap, tap, tap.

Sometimes I sit and watch the world go by.

I think this guy should be wearing a hat. Sun stroke is no joke.

The view from this side of the street is pretty nice.

I knew I should have invested in umbrella manufacturing.

They are everywhere.

Hmmm... looks like somebody took the umbrella out of her hand without her noticing.

Now for a day at the Kurihama summer street party.

It's still early. When the sun goes down and the fireworks start this place will be jam packed and crazy.

Adrift in a grassy green sea.  I must have got lost, need to return to the main street.

Okay this is better.

These girls were drinking out of an IV bag. I have a hard time keeping up with what today's youth are doing. Actually I gave up; it's easier that way.

I see the Kurihama ferry in the background.

I don't even try to keep up with the hair styles.

I wonder if she has any cold beer in that backpack?

This looks like a good place for a cheap date.

Day 3 and a quick wrap up on the Noktoning scene.

It's time to talk.

Put your hand in the hand of a loving parent.

Another hand in the hand situation.

She's stepping out.

Last shot: She likes to ride her bicycle.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's X100F under the Sun in Yokohama!

Hot in Yokohama! All images shot with the Fujifilm X100F camera.

The sun's out the heat's on the days of summer are here!

Some people know how to make a hot day look cool.

Man! look at the size of those french fries.

And you may tell yourself  "this is not my summer yacht".
*Nod to the Talking Heads.

This is one of those days that when you look in one direction it's pale and hazy...

...look in the opposite direction and the sky is blue.

So, I'll just keep looking in that direction.

This used to be part of a train line that connected the waterfront piers and warehouses with Yokohama station. That station is now called Sakuragicho Station and Yokohama station was moved further inland.

Cool women in black dresses.

Men in summer black attire.

Wired for sound.

The sun shines brightest on the beautiful one.

Another remnant of the old train line.  This line headed toward Yamashita park.

My retirement plan is still alive and well.

This is Shin Yamashita, a part of Yokohama that I rarely visit. There are dozens of large steel barges moored here. In the distance on the right side of the picture is the defunct Tycoon Restaurant.

By-the-way, this Fuji X100F camera is making me happy. I find that I get better results when I slightly underexpose the images.

I wonder what they use all these barges for? I will explore more in the future.

Looking back over my shoulder as I return to civilization.

Shielding herself from the sun's harmful UV rays with a Charlie Brown parasol. Very civilized indeed!

A sudden gust of wind brings a moment of uncontrolled laughter to this charming young lady.

There seems to be a charming young lady everywhere I look.

And, most of them are holding a parasol.

Hmmm, methinks she doth not trust the man with the X100F camera in his hand.

At last, it's time for a coffee break. The Cafe Veloce, admission is worth the price of a cup of coffee; no matter what that price may be.

Back on the streets of Yokohama.

Hinodecho station and the man next to me has found a good use for a bad comb over.

Day two of "Hot in Yokohama":

 And, I asked her "Do ya think I'm sexy"

OK, moving on, this is Isezaki shopping street.

It's hot and humid and she don't care. It seems like the older people get the less they care about these things. Like the saying goes "don't sweat the sweaty things".

Where can one go to escape the unbearable city heat?

Head for the breezy waterfront.

One would think that this place would be more populated on a day like today. Instead I've practically got the whole waterfront to myself. Lucky me.

Emi enjoying the view!

Big sky!

The Royal Wing berthed at Osanbashi.

I call this picture "A girl in a white dress" .

Ray Bans Japan

This is the moment when she entered the picture.

Day three: Matsuri parade!

Here it comes!

Baby, it's hot out here!

This Matsuri runs the length of the Isezaki shopping street.

The natives are friendly.

It's a generational thing.

They came, we saw, they left... the end.

Try to stay cool and as always...

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Bonus pictures!