Friday, January 11, 2019

The Negishi Racetrack's Grandstand

Once upon a time the Negishi Racetrack was the place to see and be seen. Now the racecourse is occupied by a closed down U.S. Navy housing complex and a park. The Racetrack's Grandstand is still standing but has long been boarded up, fenced off and is dying a slow death. I decided to pay a visit.

I decided to walk from Hinodecho train station to the Grandstand.  To do this leave the station and cross over the Ookagawa river, keep going straight and then cross over the Nakamuragawa river. Soon after keep going up the hill and walk under this orange bridge.

On the other side of the bridge the road comes to an intersection, turn right and keep walking. At this point the town seems to go back in time. Things look older.

Likewise the people on the street.

Eventually on the right hand side of the road is a big blue sign for the U.S. Navy housing complex - walk up the hill.

It's a short walk. At the end of the road is an off limits sign; that is when one knows that they have arrived! Behind the sign and to the left is the housing complex gate. The gate is locked and nobody is home. To the right is the Negishi Grandstand; let's check it out!

At first it seems kind of ominous.

Get a little closer and it looks like an abandoned prison.

This is the backside of the Grandstand. All the windows are boarded up and the building is covered with vines.

Continuing around the back of the grandstand.

The Grandstand consists of three towers. From the far end I can see the the front of the tower but because I cannot access the housing complex I can't get a good look at the front of the Grandstand.

The round windows are actually very ornate. This building must have been quite incredible in the 1930's.

Now it's dark, cold and quiet.

The backside of the Grandstand is surrounded by a very nice park and there are some plaques with pictures showing the Grandstand when it was new.

Here's a picture of the front of the Grandstand.

As I attempt to get a a better look at the front I'm blocked by a fence.

This is as close as I can get to the front.

Thwarted by the fence I decided to walk around the park. That's the Grandstand silhouetted in the background.

The park is pretty big.

On the slope behind the Grandstand is an impressive children's slide.

This park is a kids paradise and the facilities and grounds are well kept.

The park winds around and brings me back to the far end of the Grandstand.

I wish the City of Yokohama would restore this place to it's original glory and open it to the public as a museum.

This must have really been something in 1930.

I should also mention that there is a first class public toilet in the park.

And, there is a view of Yokohama city and on a clear day there's a nice view of Mt. Fuji from up here too.

Leaving the Grandstand behind me to the right of the housing complex is an extraordinarily large park.

I'll have to comeback on another day and check it out. For now it's time to head back to Yokohama city.

The afternoon sun is casting shadows everywhere.

Taking a different route back I was surprised to see this large cathedral.

I didn't expect to see this but, hey, that's Yokohama!

This route takes me past these old houses. Many have been converted to coffee shops and restaurants.

Another clean public restroom. I love Yokohama!

It's hard to believe I'm in Japan.

The road leads to the Harbor View park with a view of the Yokohama waterfront. From here it's not so far to the train station so that's it for today!

As a bonus I'm adding some additional pictures I recently took inside the Yokohama...

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More bonus shots!