Friday, January 24, 2020

A Day In My Life

Just posting up a bunch of pictures I took today while I was out wandering around.

I love my life, I hope you love your life too.

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Bonus shots!
Sony A7II camera, Voigtlander 25mm f4 Snapshot-Skopar LTM

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

If this is Sunday I must be in Yokohama!

Every Sunday my wife and I have a standing date to eat lunch in Yokohama and then walk around the city for as long as we can before exhaustion sets in and we go home. It's fun! Why is it fun? Because there is always something happening in Yokohama, especially on Sunday. Check it out!

On this Sunday all the Yokohama Fire Departments were putting on demonstrations at Aka Renga Soko.

It looks like one of the ladders crashed into a tree.

The Fire Department rescue chopper is making a fly by!

Also, nearby at Nihon Odori Boulevard there is a free Jazz concert.

Not only are these guys good, they're friendly too!

They were playing a lot of funky tunes too.

If it's not on video it didn't happen.

When the band finished we moved further down the boulevard and encountered this crowd.

It was a sea of dudes with cameras!

As I looked through the crowd I could see what was going on.

It was an all girl group singing and dancing.

Moving around I finally found a good spot to watch the show.

They were actually pretty good.

The support crew.

A classy act.

After a few songs we left the fan club behind us and moved on.

We are not the only ones out on a Sunday afternoon.

And, it looks like we're not the only ones to walk until we're exhausted.

Baby it's cold out here, and nobody cares!

Just keep walking.

Or, keep running.

Or, keep riding!

It's time to bring in the seagulls.

This seagull is practicing its swan dive.

In your face camera boy.

Winter fashion.

It's all about staying warm.

This guy looks intense.

More intensity.

Some people gotta work, and they're not happy about it!

Okay, back to the happy people.

Maybe not exactly happy but it's fun to be in China town! Right?

Maybe not!

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Bonus shots!