Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas at Yumigahama Beach, Izu - 2019

So this is Christmas...

Like so many a Christmas before we reserved a room at the cheapest hotel in Yumigahama for three days. The first day is spent traveling by train to Shimoda which is where the closest train station is to Yumigahama and a 3:30 the hotel sends a van to pick us up. By 4:00 we are checked in and soaking in a nice hot onsen bath.

Day 2: Get up early and head down to the beach in the hope of seeing a beautiful sunrise.

Yumigahama is famous for their beautiful sunrises. Unfortunately it's not going to happen today.

After breakfast we decide to go for a long walk along the Aono river.

This is a famous seafood restaurant near the hotel.

We soon encounter the Aono river.

It's a nice river with tree lined walking paths on both sides

This year we decided to walk on the left side of the river.

After awhile we crossed over to the other side of the river because that's where all the public restrooms are. I drank a lot of coffee at breakfast.

For walkers with tired feet there is a foot bath on this side of the river.

The bath is filled with very hot natural spring water. Just have a seat, role up your pants and soak your feet; it'll put a smile on your face.

In front of the foot bath there is a popular farmers market. Emi bought a lot of stuff here had made arrangements for it to be shipped to our house - so convenient!

A recreational sightseeing map in the parking area. Izu peninsula is part of Shizuoka Prefecture. Yumigahama is on the bottom right side of the peninsula.

One of the best things about living in Japan is the abundant availability of clean public restrooms.

Back on the trail.

The mighty river Aono starts to look more like a creek.

On the left side of the river is a Hot Spring Onsen center. For normal people this is a great place to spend a day. However, we are not that kind of people, we continue to follow the river.

A hot spring pumping station.

At a certain point we turned around and started walking back to Yumigahama. This decision was based on the time of day and the need to find a place to eat lunch. Passing by a high speed tricyclists.

In a few months these trees will be covered with pink cherry blossoms.

Time for lunch! On the outside this restaurant looks like a dump!

On the inside it looks like a dump too! However, the food is fantastic and the portions are huge. In fact the portions are so huge we ordered one meal to share and an extra bowl of rice. We both left feeling quite full.

After lunch Emi stopped to talk to a couple that was working in their garden. Emi asked them why they had an electric fence surrounding their garden? They said it was to keep the wild bores out at night.

There is a small fishing port where the Aono river meets the ocean.
Fishing nets drying on the rack.

A couple of young boys setting up their fishing poles.

The last stretch of road that runs along Yumigahama beach. High school volunteers were clearing pine tree needles and sand off of the road.As we walked by them they all politely greeted us.

When I go to the beach to build a sandcastle I bring a small shovel and a pail. Maybe I need to start thinking bigger.

Actually some workers were doing some off season work to the fence.

One last look at the beach before we return to the hotel.

The entrance to our small but nice hotel. This will be our last night here. There is only one other guest staying here for the night.

Day 3: Last chance for a beautiful sunrise.

Again I got up early and ran down to the beach in the hope of seeing a glorious spectacle of mother nature at her best!

Hey, hey, hey! Here comes the sun!

Not bad.

This is it! Maybe not the greatest sunrise of all time but much better than yesterday.

And, just like that it went from sunrise to sun-up.

Now it's just another day in paradise.

Going home.

After breakfast and one last soak in the hotel's fantastic onsen bath we returned to the Shimoda train station for our trip home.

The local train is clean and cozy.

And, as we travel up the peninsula the view from the window is great!

All good things must come to an end. We transfer to the Tokaido train line in Atami and I put away my camera and start dreaming of our next trip to who knows where!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!