Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Nokton View of a Dreary Day

Put the  Voigtlander 50mm f1.1 Nokton lens on a Sony A7II camera and the dreariest day becomes a thing of beauty. Well, maybe not beauty, but perhaps an interesting alternative view of a dreary day.

Perfect imperfections of the seedy side of town.

My beautiful balloons.

Good friends

Strolling through Bashamichi

Yes, we have no bananas... plenty of other fruits are available.


All dressed up and somewhere to go.

From the original public waterworks of the city of Yokohama.

Gas lights are everywhere.

Eve in the garden of Eden.

Yamashita Dori is a great place to walk on a day like today.

"if you pose for me I'll take your picture"

"ok, how's this"

"you look beautiful"

The rose garden in Yamashita park.

It's a nice place to drink hot Earl Grey tea from a thermos.

Peg heads in love.

The deliveryman

It seems like Halloween is getting more popular every year.

The streets of Motomachi

The kids in the background saw I had a camera...

They insisted... I obliged.

Autumn is upon us.

Street photography

The people of Yokohama take their Ra-men seriously.

Halloween spooks

Tea shop

If I was younger I'd take a motorcycle trip across Japan. I'd sleep outdoors at night and count the stars in the sky.  I'd meet strangers and make new friends. I'd eat ra-men. Yeah, that's what I'd do... if I was younger. Instead I'll just take this picture and then move on.

A pumpkin infestation

Time for a high ball

They built this train station out of rails.

And, now it's time to catch a train and go home.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's getting to feel a lot like Autumn

Less humidity, a little crispness in the air; I'd say the fall season is here!

Suddenly everyone is wearing jackets.

It's not that I don't like Summer, it's just that the fall season is such a nice time of year.

These images are from the second Sunday of October.

Sunday in Yokohama. One never knows what will be happening.

A free outdoor concert will be held here at 12:00.

The waterfront is a great place for jogging; not that I'm going to do it.

I am the walrus?

Like I said, one never knows what will be happening here.

 A Dewali celebration is being held in Yamashita park.

Only in Japan! Miss Naan Indian Flat Bread is here to keep us entertained.

Working out the last minute details before the show begins. Regrettably I won't be sticking around for it; my mission is to keep walking.

The girls of Motomahi!

They shop until they drop from exhaustion.

 Someone is late for the rendezvous. "I'm here, where are you?"  

Halloween at the Pompadour bakery.  

Time to make a run through China Town.

The delicious smells permeating from the restaurants is intoxicating.

People line up to get steamed meat filled dumplings.

Always crowded here on a Sunday.

Stacks of large wood steamers filled with bean and meat dumplings.

Another outdoor event. This young lady is quite striking in her red & white outfit.

Something is going on in front of the Kanagawa prefecture government building...


They were dancing to the theme song of the Austin Powers' movies "Soul Bossa Nova". Yeah baby!

Did someone order flowers?

Well, I see Oktoberfest is in full swing.

I never met a lantern I didn't want to photograph.

Last shot of a pretty exciting day. The back streets of the Noge district.

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