Saturday, February 29, 2020

Yamaguchi Prefecture - Tsunoshima Bridge

We started the day out first by visiting a Hagi pottery maker.

After that we were taken to Akiyoshi Dai. Or, as I like to call it "the middle of nowhere".

And, if there was any doubt that we were in the middle of nowhere there's an observation tower to give one a better view of nothing but brown grassy hills and rocks. In reality this place is pretty cool.

Next up is a visit to Rurikoji Temple.

This is the Rurikoji Five Story Pagoda.

It's a National Treasure!

Very old of course!

Everything is old!

Lots of temple type stuff here.

This wood balls on a rope thing was interesting.

If one pulls the rope slowly the ball drops on top of the previous ball and makes a loud noise - very cool!

I don't know.

It's always peaceful walking around a temple.

One last look back at the Rurikoji Five Story Pagoda as we return to the bus.

And now, what everyone has been waiting for, pictures of the Tsunoshima Bridge!

I took lots of pictures of the bridge because we were here for awhile and that's all there is to do here.

It seemed like the wind was blowing very strongly from all directions.

On the right side of the picture one can see the bus parking lot.

Earlier we crossed the bridge in the bus and the wind was so strong the bus was shaking - terrific fun!

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures of the bridge.

A total stranger.

One last picture of the bridge before getting on the bus.

Time to get on the bus.

This is the last post from our Yamaguchi trip. We had a great time and hope to return sometime in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!