Monday, August 28, 2017

Everyday People - part II

Here we are again me and my camera roaming the streets of Yokohama and I'm loving it! It's everyday people out and about moving through the city going where they need to go, seeing who they need to see and looking like the special people that they are.

The summer heat will not get us down. Head held high, moving with a decisive stride, off they go.

Some people strut while others just mosey along. In the end we all get to the final destination.

These boys are going to lunch and they're damn happy to do so.

Waiting for the light to change gives a person time to pause and reflect, soul search, think about the meaning of life - or just pause and thoughtlessly wait for the light to change.

The best sunscreen is the parasol; 100% effective.

Love your children rain or shine.

When I see a jogger I think "that's what I should be doing" then they pass by and that's that.

A busy day at Osanbashi pier.

It's good to have friends.

Smile for the camera.

One of the nicest things about Osanbashi pier is that it's 100% barrier free.

Another jogger passes by and so do my fleeting thoughts about getting in shape, maybe start running again; maybe run the Yokohama marathon... yeah right, never happen!

One is never to old to be Joe Cool.

Break out the selfie stick it's time for a selfie!

What??? another jogger... this is wearing me out.

It's a lovely day for a stroll in Yamashita park.

Some people can make a park bench look good.

The view from a park bench is pretty good too!

 Making the call.

Lunch time is over, everybody get back to work!

Scooting along.

Yokohama's finest keeping an eye on traffic.

If you're happy I'm happy.

Of course not everybody can be happy.

Day two: Return to paradise.  I had so much fun yesterday I decided to do it again today.

School girls by Yokohama stadium.

The three amigos on the move at Nihon-odori boulevard.

More joggers, more thoughts, more excuses.

Everyone looks good in Yamashita park - it's the law!

Rust never sleeps.

What a beautiful day - sometimes it's good to be me.

Last shot of the day: Welcome to the jungle flower garden.
That's all for now, and as always...
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A few bonus pictures!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Under The Grey Skies of August

There's been a lot of rain this month with nothing but grey skies day after day. So, if I can't change the weather I'll have to do my best to embrace it. Out for a walk under the grey skies and these are the people I crossed paths with.

Coming face to face with chaos.

A little bad weather doesn't keep this guy stuck in the house.

The iPhone don't care.

Marching to the beat of his own drum.

No sunshine, no smile.

The weather is always the same when one is in a building with no windows.

The bench warmer.

Some people look good no matter what kind of a day it is.

The mama-san biker gang meet up.

It would be funny if these two were texting each other; or maybe not so funny.

Owner of a clean white tee.

Portraits in grey.

The cone of silence.

Serious business.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am invisible.

A man and a woman... and a grey sky too!

Eyes right!

Is it the end of the world as we know it?

I intentionally took this picture out-of-focus because I thought it looked better that way.

Is there anyone left on earth that doesn't constantly have a phone in their hand other than me?

I guess I'm not invisible.

Last shot of the grey day: He knows stuff.

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