Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Izu Adventure: Part One - Bamboo Man

Greetings everyone! Last weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday at Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. Day one, we arrived at Shuzenji in mid morning. Shuzenji is a lovely little hot spring resort area with a nice tranquil bamboo forest. So, to the forest we go.

Ornamental bridges crisscross the stream that parallels the bamboo forest.

After enjoying the peaceful atmosphere we explored some backstreets.

I was drawn to this little shop by some Zen like magnet. Actually, it just looked cool and we thought we should check it out.

Meet the cat. The cat fears no man, the cat is one with the bamboo.

And, the bamboo is everywhere.

This is the shop owner. He makes hand made bamboo ornaments and signs. He's showing us his book markers.

Emi is selecting one for each of us.

The shop owner has many of his fine products on display throughout his small shop.

After Emi selected our book markers he quickly carved our names on them.

"Check it out" he says.

Anticipates high praise...

Cat anticipates we will leave soon...

Emi thinks about getting more stuff...

More stuff...

The master carves our names on our "more stuff" as Emi prepares to pay up!

He's happy, we're happy...

Time to move on. Stay tuned for part two of the adventure.

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