Friday, October 4, 2013

Izu Adventure: Part 2 - Shuzenji to Shimoda

Here I am back with part 2. Having said goodbye to the bamboo man we proceeded to the Shuzenji Temple near the center of the town.

This temple is quite picturesque and is immersed in a quiet and soothing atmosphere.

People come and go to say a prayer, make a wish, or give thanks.

There are simple yet beautiful little details in everything.

Saying goodbye to the temple we passed by the center piece of Shuzenji, a hot spring in the stream that cuts through the center of town. Travelers weary from their long journey can slip off their shoes & socks, and soak their feet in nice hot natural spring water - for free!

We left Shuzenji and headed south toward the village of Shimokamo. Along the way we stopped at this restaurant for lunch. Emi had seen it featured on a TV show and I'm happy to say that the food was excellent and the portions were just right.

The first thing we did in Shimokamo was to swing by the farmers market.

Still feeling full from lunch we decided to go for a walk around the countryside.

I was a bit surprised to find this statue in the middle of nowhere.

Feeling less full we swung into the city of Shimoda. Whenever we're in Shimoda we stop by this recycle shop. I've bought several pieces of furniture here and Emi always picks up some silk cloth recycled from old kimonos.

Working our way back to the free parking lot we pass by a local hot bath.

The waterfront is filled with both professional fisherman's boats as well as sport and leisure craft.

Mother nature is slowly peeling the facade off this structure like a cook peeling an onion.

Well that's it for part 2. I'll be back with part 3 "Destination Inatori" in the near future.

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