Saturday, October 5, 2013

Izu Adventure: Part 3 - Destination Inatori!

Here we are, the last part of a 3 part adventure. We arrived at Inatori, located on the south-east side of Izu peninsula. Our hotel for the night is the prominent white building.

The view from our room window.

So, what do people do in Inatori?

It's easy to spot the tourist, they're always posing for pictures.

The waterfront has nice seawall walkways for everyone to enjoy strolling about the place.

The following morning we went out for a walk before breakfast. The main part of town is still shuttered up at this time of day.

The rocky seacoast is is a real treat to see.

Darn tourists are everywhere.

After we checked out of the hotel we went to Inatori heights to check out the grasslands on the mountain top.

This is a great place for taking easy going nature walks.

This is the town of Inatori taken from a mountain top view point. Our hotel is located on the far side of the cape.
After taking that picture we headed home. We enjoyed the trip so much we plan to return as soon as we can schedule it.

Bonus pictures!

A couple days ago we had the opportunity to meet with one of our nieces in town for diner. I had to kill some time before I could meet Emi and Yuko (our niece). For me, killing time means taking pictures.

Lanterns! And, a ninja, or a guy being chased by a ninja, or maybe he's late for a date, or something...

A new place in town.

It's getting dark. At last, we hook up and go to Torinosu (a restaurant) for eats & drinks.

Our charming niece [Yuko] reads the menu... this is serious business.

The cook hovers in the background.

The food is ordered, now the good times begin!

After diner we stop by the Hitomoto stand bar for a night cap before saying good night.

Good night!

Thanks for stopping by!

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