Thursday, October 24, 2013

Living the Yoko Yoko

I live in Yokosuka and I spend much of my weekend time in Yokohama... that's what I do. Yokosuka is a good place to work and have a house to live in and it's fairly quite at night, all well and good. Yokohama is my special city on the bay where something is always happening. Such as...

Enjoying lunch in a classy Chinese restaurant.

Beautiful waterfront scenery.

Made even more beautiful by charming Emi.

Yokohama's finest keep the sidewalks safe for pedestrians.

And, there's always some crowd pleasing entertainment like this British marching band performing in front of the Kanagawa Government building.

And, this tango orchestra performing in the middle of Nippon Odori.

Nice squeeze box!

Yokohama is a friendly city, high five anyone?

Jazz bands grow on trees here, and they play for free too!

The sax was small but the sound was big!

Next song, bigger sax.

The tree lined avenues are a joy to walk on.

Of course Yokosuka has it's charm too. My walk to work in the morning is a peaceful event that I always enjoy.

I often get to see a nice sunrise.

 The fisherman are friendly and cheerfully say good morning.

Yokosuka port is not as picturesque as Yokohama but it is comforting and peaceful in the morning.

The pigeons will come out and greet you in town.

And, best of all, I have a job in Yokosuka that pays for my free time in Yokohama (view from outside my office building).

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