Sunday, August 5, 2012

TGIF Yokosuka style!

Last Friday after work Emi and I stopped by one of our favorite watering holes for a little refreshment on a hot August day. Here are some pictures I took with my point & shoot camera.

This is the entrance to Tenkuni's

The waitress brings us a round of Chu-Hi!

Bottoms up!

The guy next to me enjoys his draft beer

Our old friend Hiro-san joins us for a drink and some conversation

A former employee of Tenkuni's stops by to show off her baby

That beer sure looks good!

Everyone needs a place to relax

Time to go home

Don't worry, Emi's taking this picture

When we get home we get the "feed me" speech from Charlie the security cat

The End


  1. Was this the place you took us?

    1. Hi Kristen! No, this isn't the same place. It is the same kind of place and I did take Brad there on the first night that we went out.