Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backyards, Charlie, and Belly Dancing

It's been a heck of a weekend. I've got pictures of flowers in the backyard, the many faces of Charlie the security cat and some shots from a Sunday walk-about. So, on with the show!

First, some flower pictures from the backyard.I was up at 5 am and the morning light was nice and soft, really made the flowers look nice.

Now, the many faces of Charlie the security cat.

This is Charlie with his "dreamy" face.

This is his "I'm peeved" face.

I'm busy thinking.
Still thinking.

His "I forgot what I was thinking about" face.

Charlie's "If you love me you should feed me" face.

Walk-about! A few pictures I took while walking around yesterday afternoon.

Father & Son time

Need a taxi?

The thing I like about Japan is that one never knows what one will see on an afternoon stoll.

Shake it!
Spin around!

And... the big finish!

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