Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sunday Morning Market

Almost every Sunday morning Emi and I get up early and drive to the southern tip of Miura peninsula to shop at the Misaki Morning Market. The market is a combination of a farmers and fish market and it starts around 4 am and is finished by about 9am.  There is a somewhat carnival like atmosphere at the market and it draws people from places as far away as Tokyo and Kawasaki. So, let's take a look at some images taken yesterday.

Garlic, Bell Pepers and Egg Plant -- yummy!

It's the Watermelon man.

The fast pace of buying and selling

And, the fast pace of bagging too!

Grab a free sample of the watermelon

That's Emi holding the bag; we'll be eating fresh melon this week

Oven roasted Tuna head... it doesn't get much better than that - really - no kidding - it's the truth.

This is a hot stew ready to eat on the spot

Pass me the egg plant, please

Team work!

Next Sunday I'll try and get some images of the fresh fish; see you then.


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  1. You actually went in to the market? Usually you are across the street, left holding the bags.