Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yokohama Walk-about II

Yesterday was a great hot summer day and I felt the need to walk-about in Yokohama. As usual these trips start with a train ride begining at the station near my house.

Since my station is so small only local trains stop there. Then further up the line at Kanazawabunko I transfer to an express train.

Once I arrive in Yokohama I depart via the North gate because it's nowhere near as busy as the East and West gates.

From the North gate I use a pedestrian catwalk to cross over severl highways.

My first stop in Yokohama is at Nissan's Global Headquarters.

The first floor of the building is a display floor for all of Nissan's new cars. The motif is somewhat futuristic and brings to my mind the phrase "resistance is futile".

This is the new Skyline GTR complete with it's own Robo Cop to guard the car.

Not sure what the red ball is for. Maybe in the future that will be how we transport ourselves around.

Now this is something I can relate to. A vintage 240Z is on display and it sure looks nice!

Moving on from the Nissan building I'm heading toward the Landmark Tower when I see an old British Triumph motorcycle parked along the way. I can appriciate the styling of these old bikes.

As I approach the Landmark Tower I am compelled to take a picture of the modern art thing at the foot of the tower.

Is it art or just a bunch of pipes weldeded together? Maybe a different perspective will help form an opininon.

OK, moving on, lets check-out the next tourest attraction - the old sailing ship Nippon Maru.

And doing an about face a nice view of the farris wheel that is a prominint fixture in the Yokohama waterfront sceanery.

Here I was starting to work-up some flowery pictures when...

My camera batteries were to low for the camer to function. Darn! Well, nothing to do but eat lunch and then go home to recharge the batteries. I'll recharge myself while I'm at it.

Charlie the security cat decides to recharge his batteries too!

The End

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