Sunday, August 12, 2012

Point & Shoot highlights

Since I started this blog I've been carrying around my old point & shoot digital camera everywhere I go.  On my walk to work in the morning, my walk home, out shopping or just goofing around I happily pull out my camera and mindlessly snap pictures of anything and everything I see. Well, after doing this all last week I thought I'd post up what I thought were some of the best of the mess. So, here are last weeks highlights.

The flowers of summer. I have a hard time walking past a flower and not taking a picture. Flowers are Mother Nature's way of reminding us of her power to create objects of beauty than mankind could never come close to creating on his own.

This is the restaurant where Emi and I often eat breakfast on Saturday morning.

After eating we usually relax, drink coffee and read the paper.

While walking the back streets on the way to work I came across a small church (I mean small).

And, on the other side of the street the night watch cats were on the alert for any trouble.

When I strolled past Yokosuka's Police headquarters I was impressed with a pair shinny police cars

Here's a question: You know a City has finally arrived when (a) the Rolls Royce dealer sets up shop

Or, (b) the Hard Rock Cafe opens a franchise

And, since I was in Yokohama (not buying a Rolls Royce or going to the Hard Rock Cafe) I snapped a picture of the Bay Quarter area. What a brilliant summer sky!

A young girl paddling a kayak on the Ooka river.

And lastly for the week, on a hot August day, the cooling mist of water at the entrance to the Isezaki shopping street.

I hope you enjoyed.
The End

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