Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bits, Pieces and Problems

Hello again. Today I'm posting up some odd shots of this, that, and pictures that didn't turn out the way I wanted.

I'll start with a public transportation shot of a bus and a train. I wanted to convey a sense of motion and I think I over did it.

Next up - the problem with "White Balance". Coming from a background in film photography, I did not understand the value of properly setting the "white balance" on my digital camera before I did some indoor pictures using existing light. The results were less than what I wanted; everything had a yellowish tinge to it.

Emi shopping for some new ink brushes

Another example of the same problem is taken inside one of our favorite Izakayas

Well, enough of the yellow, I've  learned my lesson.

Here are a few shots taken at the Yokohama Bashi indoor shopping street.

That last picture is Emi waiting for me to quit goofing around with the camera so that we can move on.

One last picture for the road!

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  1. I can tell from the picture in the Izakayas with the baseball game on TV that the batter has 1 ball no strikes, there are 2 outs with a runner at second base and the score is 4 to 3.