Monday, September 3, 2012

Shuzenji, Shimoda Beach & More!

This past weekend Emi and I stayed at Izu Peninsula. It was a sort of last hurrah of the summer.

This is public bath in the middle of Shuzenji.

Shuzenji also has a beautiful bamboo forest

And, interesting statues in the woods.

This is the entrance to the Shuzenji shrine.

And, this is the shrine. It was a very sunny day.

Emi is enjoying a peaceful moment nearby.

Time to move on and go to the beach in Shimoda!

I hope this guy's not the life guard.

A Mother keeps an eye on her kids while avoiding the sun.

That's Emi, the little mermaid with the straw hat on.

Kids climb up this hill and slide down it on plastic sleds

We also visited the town of Matsuzaki where the preserve many of the old structures.

Here I am on a lookout point above the Ishibu No Tanada (rice terrace) near Kumomi bay

And, here's some of the rice terraces.

Kumomi is a popular destination for sport divers. The local dive shops pick up divers pierside.

And, take them out to the dive sites.

Later in the day I met 4 little girls near a roadside vegetable stand, they were nice enough to pose for me.

And lastly, a sunrise picture taken from the balcony of our hotel room. A great way to close out our end of summer trip.

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