Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yokohama Year End Round About

This is a collection of pictures I took while I was out wondering about in Yokohama over the last couple of weeks.

One thing I like about Yokohama is the people. They get out and enjoy their city.

Most of the people I meet are smiling.

Another nice thing about this city is that there are many open spaces for people to walk about and not feel all closed in by a concrete jungle.

Even the dogs are happy here.

Public transportation is clean, safe, user friendly and punctual. What more could one ask for?

Even shopping for the daily necessities can be a fun adventure.

Standing on the corner waiting for the light to change.  

The streets are an integral part of the community.

Yamashita park is an ideal place to visit. A person can walk, run, sit, stand, or do all of the above.

There's plenty of room for everyone.

Rivers crisscross the city and become natural borders for separating the different cultural districts.

The sidewalks are nice and wide - a pedestrian's paradise.

Panoramic vistas are abundant.

And, there is always a rose available somewhere for a person to stop and smell.

Give me a home where the bicycles roam, and the beer flows freely all night!

The streets are a natural canvas for an artist to paint a picture of people living together in peaceful harmony.

I can sum up Yokohama in one short sentence: This is a good city!

Thanks for stopping by!

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