Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Izu 2014

This year it was Christmas on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The first stop on our little Christmas adventure was the port town of Shimoda.

It was a beautiful day for walking around.

Some say that the salt air of a seaside resort town is good for ones health. I think this mail box might disagree with that concept.

December 25th and the leaves on this cherry tree are still hanging on.

After departing Shimoda we started working our way up the west coast of the Izu peninsula and that's when the wind started picking up. The west coast is more scenic in a rocky jagged coastline sort of way.

Next stop on our agenda was the sleepy little town of  Kumomi. This was originally a whaling village but now they cater to sport divers and hot spring resort lovers.

Someone is making convenient use of a roadside guardrail to dry out their daikon radishes.

Fishing boats hauled out of the water in the foreground.

Wind barriers erected on the beach for the winter.

A free hot spring bath with a waterfront view.  This is living!

As we work our way further up the west coast I see Mt Fuji poking out of the clouds.

The roads on the west coast wind around the hill sides giving us breath taking vista views at every turn.

Our first view of the town of Matsuzaki. This is where we'll be spending the night. The building on the beach is the hotel where we'll be staying.

A view of the Sun setting from our hotel room.

The high winds had subsided by next morning so we went out for a stroll around the town.

A corner store that sold a bit of everything.

Nice and quiet around here.

A typical style of the old structures in Matsuzaki town.

After checking out of our hotel we continued to work our way up the west coast to the town of Heda.

In Heda the view of Mt Fuji was better.

Waterfront entrance to a local shrine.

Move over Godzilla, there's a new monster in town.

Ok, it's a float for children to play on in the summer when the beach is open.

One last shot of a beautiful tree on the beach and then it's time to head for home.

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