Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tokyo on a Sunday Morning

Greetings! A couple of weeks ago Emi and I spent the night in Tokyo and early the next morning we went out for lovely walk.

Not far from our Hotel is the Tokyo Tower. While it's not the tallest structure in Japan it is still a classic that is worth visiting.

We decided to swing by the Emperor's Palace.

People were gathering for the rare opportunity to walk through the palace grounds and see the autumn scenery. We declined and headed for Tokyo station instead.

Not far from the Palace grounds is the building that General MacArthur occupied as his headquarters after WWII.

We arrive at Tokyo station.

This station is also a hotel.

The recently refurbished celling is a work of art.

Very impressive.

Early on a Sunday this place isn't to bad but come here on a workday rush hour and watch out! This place will be packed.

The trains come...

... And, the trains go. Subways crisscross Tokyo's underbelly.

We passed by Kappabashi (restaurant and cooking goods shopping district).

And, we arrived at the Asakusa shrine!

This is a very popular spot for devote believers and tourists alike.

Very picturesque!

An integrated part of the shrine area is the shops and restaurants.

Off to the rickshaw races.

Ah! the Skytree in all it's tallness. What can one say about the worlds tallest freestanding structure? How about, "it sure is tall".
Well, that's it for our Sunday walk about. I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by!

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