Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Someone to Watch Over Me

A da da da...

George and Ira Gershwin, what beautiful music they wrote. Last weekend as Emi and I walked around Yokohama I was filled with joy seeing so many happy people. The song "Someone to Watch Over Me" was playing through my head and here and there I saw people watching over me, you, and everyone else.

These children were having such fun, while their mother watched over them.

Others just watch over each other.

As I said...

There is no fear when one is watched over.

You watch, I watch, we all watch!

A slight detour, as I walked past the train station at the far end of Motomachi I caught a glimpse of a stain glass window.

Yep, it's there all right - nice too!

Also in that area was a nice little china shop.

The one who watches over me was checking out the nice chinaware.

My kind of dream.

Motorcycle gangs roam the streets of dreams.

I like cabbage, how about you?

The cabbage guard!

Get it while it's hot!

Get it while it's cold!

Just get it!

Before it's gone!

I love it when a liquor store sells fresh vegetables... only in Japan,

Back to "Someone to Watch Over Me"... as he watches over his wife and daughter.

Ready to to watch over someone.

They'll do!

Nice pants.

 Children are our future,

I'm sure he'd agree!

A do do do...

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