Sunday, February 16, 2014

Analog This! With Fujicolor 100 Film

A few months ago I was out and about with my Bessa R3A and R4M rangefinder cameras, various lens and Fujicolor 100 ISO film. When I look at other film blogs people rave about every film under the Sun except Fujicolor 100. Well, I like this stuff, it's just like my favorite coffee shop "cheap and outstanding". So, here are some images from that weekend film shoot.

The Yokohama Archives of History is a great place to start a photo outing.

Moving on from there I crossed over the Ooka River...

And, arrived in the street entertainment district of Noge.

It seems like there is always something happening here on the weekend.

Roof top accommodations.

Just a couple blocks over and an Okinawan band is serenading the passerbys.

Sometimes trying to be artistic just doesn't work - but it's always fun to try!

Through this window is the "Pilots Club". Not airplane Pilots, these are the Pilots that guide the large ocean going vessels (Ships) in and out of the port of Yokohama.

It's a simple building with a lot of history. The Club is for Members only and unfortunately, I am not a member.

This is the view from on top of the building.

Across the street from the Pilots Club building is the Kanagawa Prefecture Government Building; commonly refereed to as the "King".

Using a 21mm wide angle lens I took a couple pictures of the Pan Pacific building.

My dear friend Nicky, she can always be found in Bashamichi.

Lastly, before heading home, a couple shots of Bashamichi dori.

It was a good weekend to be out and about shooting Fujicolor 100 film.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I tried to comment earlier but for some reason my comment disappeared :( I was saying I really like No 4 (door and leaves) and that it looks like there is more snow to come for you guys. It seems like most Japanese aren't happy about snow but I envy you. darwinwish, my favorite YouTuber who does awesome videos about Japan made this video Snow Veiled Yokohama, looks so good!

    1. Hi Elena! The snow was nice to look at but a bear to deal with. The youtube was great!Thanks for sharing.

      All the best,