Friday, February 14, 2014

Another Film Post

Yep, more of my struggles to get back in the swing of things with film.
FYI: It snowed last weekend and now it's snowing this weekend.
Now, on with the blog. These are various pictures that I took over the last few months. Some color, some black & white - no rhyme or reason.

This is a small stream in Shimoda near Emi's favorite farmer's market.

Out for a nature walk at Inatori heights.

A small shrine in Atami

The Yokohama waterfront.

A back alley in Yoshida-cho

A back alley in Noge.

A stern shot of an Ocean Liner

Good ol' Kurihama

Now for some monochrome - The Bridge Over the Ooka River.

Take a stand, in a Stand Bar!

Take a drink too!

Rinko Park Yokohama

Aka Renga Soko (The Red Brick Area).

A street crossing near Kanai station.

The view from Kurihama station

The lonely fisherman - Kurihama.

A second look at the bridge over the Ooka river.

Noge at night.

Hanging out at Nippon Odori.

My favorite coffee shop - cheap, clean, and good service - good coffee too!

Inside the "Jack" (Port Memorial hall).

Outside the noodle shop
Well, I hope you can find a picture or two out of this bunch that you can enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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