Monday, April 22, 2013

Nishiyama Onsen

We spent the weekend at Nishiyama Onsen. To get there we went to Yamanashi Prefecture and followed the Hayakawa River into the Minami Alps until we just about ran out of road; and that's when we arrived at our inn for the night. Of course I took lots of pictures in between time soaking in the hot springs, eating local food and sipping good Japanese whisky.

Self portrait in the changing room of a small hot spring we visited at lunch time.

The Hayakawa River

The view from our room. The resort hotel to the right is very nice and much more expensive than the one we stayed at.

Yes, this is a stare case in our hotel. No need for an elevator when you have nice steep narrow stairs. Going up!

This is the amusement center. A great place to have hours of fun; if you can find the ping pong paddles and balls.

Here's a shot of the main entrance. This place is very old - a lot of tradition; goes way back in the history of Nishiyama Onsen.

Rain is a minor inconvenience when you have a co-ed hot tub to soak in with all the other guests. Sorry, no pictures of the bath, my lens got all steamed up. Just take my word for it - it was great; real great.

The second floor exterior.

The next morning we had fish for breakfast.


And, a view from the room we ate in.

Heading home we followed the mighty Hayakawa River.

We stopped to check out a foot bridge.

On the way home we drove by Lake Kawaguchiko. By now the rain had stopped and the view of Mt. Fuji was beautiful.

'Tis I, holding my trusty camera at Lake Yamanakako

Got to get the angle just right.

Most of the pictures were taken with a digital camera. These next pictures were taken with my film camera.

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