Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Funday, Block Party & More Tulips

Some days are just to good to be true, and yet true they are. This Sunday was such a day. There was a big block party between Koganecho and Hinodecho (Yokohama) and Emi and I went back to Yokohama Stadium to revisit the tulips.

First, the block party:

Welcome to the party!

Psst, do you think the rabbit is a bit to much?

News at eleven.

Alright! Rock & Roll!

The party is picking up steam; clap those hands.

Getting down with the Chuck Berry shuffle.

Dixie Land Band

Dang, she can play the accordion.

Sings too!

This guy was blowing the roof off the house!

Bring it on! Madonna!

And now, an update on the tulips: from Holland with love!

It's a sea of tulips surrounding Yokohama Stadium.

Ahhh, the love of my life.

And, me

Working are way back to the train station we pass by people enjoying the day.

Ok, time for a quick drink at a nice stand bar.

At last, we arrive at Koganecho, time to go home.

Yes, this post is a little heavy with pictures, but that's the way some days go; thank goodness!


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