Friday, April 12, 2013

Living the Dream in Yokosuka

I always feel like I'm living the dream I'm happily married, live in a nice house, pretty good job and live in the seaside town of Yokosuka, Japan. My typical dream day Friday starts with a pleasant walk to work.

Every morning I pass by this nice temple.

Then walk along route 16.

The azaleas are blooming around City Hall.

Since this is living the dream I'll skip the 8 hours of the work day and go straight to what happens after work... yeah baby! TGIF and time for a drink and a bite to eat.We usually go to one of three places.

First, Ohtako. This is the entrance.

This a great place for the average guy to come and unwind after a tough day on the job.

Great food and cheap drinks... that's living the dream!

Tofu warmer.

Yakitori and more.

One can even order Yakitori from the front outside.

Cooked by the master!

This is one place we will never visit on a Friday night or any other night.

Second place is Hitomoto. Hitomoto is a stand bar on the side of a liquor store.

Emi gets her first drink.

Bartender, I'll have another, please.

The shelves are stocked with various canned snacks to eat with the drinks.

At the end of the bar one can peek into the store.

Lastly, we sometimes visit Ginji.

Ginji is very old fashion and frowns on people taking pictures so I just snuck a couple of shots.

One fellow who isn't living the dream on Friday is Charlie, our beloved security cat. When we get home a little late he demands his cat food.

Charlie takes his evening meal very seriously.

And, that's a typical Friday in dreamsville.

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