Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yokohama Bashi

The rain stopped, the Sun came out, it's Saturday, time to play! I decided to take Emi to "The Jack". The Jack is a red brick cultural heritage site that I had just read about and I was interested in going up to the clock tower.

Regrettably, when we went to the entrance we found that it's closed until after the New Year.

No problem, we'll go to Odori Koen and check out the flea market.
Darn, no flea market today. Just a bunch of fellows basking in the Sun.

Ok, when all else fails, go shopping! We went to Yokohama Bashi; it's a covered shopping mall with a big variety of specialty shops. In we go!

Fish shop

Ramein noodles

Pickles in the front, beer and sake inside; what more could one want?

Oh yeah! Crab!

Okonomiyaki (kind of a pancake dish)


Man! This place is crowded today.

Yakitomago (fried eggs)

Pickled veggies

Noodles, get your noodles right here

Tiger prawns

If you want to impress me, lick your nose.

Thanks for stopping by!

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