Friday, December 21, 2012

Same places, new faces - Yokohama

Yes, another stroll around Yokohama. While winter is here and it is cold; last Sunday was nice and sunny.

At this point the sun was almost to bright causing shadows and bright spots.

Not sure what the man on the right is thinking. Maybe something along the line of "honey, how can I apologize when I don't even know what I did wrong".

Seems like my feet always take me back to china town

Palm reader

A quick stop at a temple

Rickshaw operator points out something of interest to a couple enjoying sightseeing in style.

After leaving China town I headed over to Aka Renga Soko (Red Brick Warehouse) and was surprised to see that an ice skating rink had been set up.

Next up I went to Isezakicho and found a street performer singing outside my favorite Izakaya (drink/eat place).

As the sun starts to go down the cold gets quite colder so I head back to Yokosuka. When I got off the express train and was waiting for a local, I noticed that the platform attendants were attractive young ladies. I seem to notice that sort of thing.

This Train's heading the wrong direction.

Any minute now

I'm on board and the doors about to shut. I guess that passenger is waiting for the next express.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Holidays,

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