Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Band Night in Omori City

Last Saturday night Emi and I went to Omori City (near Tokyo) to enjoy a night of Big Band music, drinks and food with family and friends. If you weren't there, here's what you missed!

Great vocal singers.

Trumpet man, blow your horn!

New York, New York

I think Emi's brother is having a good time.

And, so is his wife.

The band leader tells us about the next song.

Kiyoko Yamamoto belts out a tune.

Volare, oh oh...  E contare, oh oh oh oh

Hey, that's our friend Sagi-san!

Near the end of the night some high school kids took the stage with a few of the pros and played extremely well; in fact I thought they were as good as the headliners.

It was a great night for all in attendance!

All the best,

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